January 31, 2011

the ombré effect

i don't know if you've seen or heard about my favorite hair trend, but ombré hair has been steadily gaining ground as one of the most coveted looks this season.  it's not technically a new trend -- it's been around for some time now -- but lately every celebrity i see has some variation on the look.  and i'm jealous.

originally seen in an issue of lucky, i thought the idea of ombré hair was really cool -- and it kind of goes against that old adage that says dark roots are tacky. ombré hair is like dark roots x500 and this may be why i love it so much.  but what's also great about the double fade effect? it can be done almost any way you want -- from subtle to severe, highlighting from your ears down or just the tips, fading to bleach blonde or to a less-shocking copper.  the options are endless.  and as someone who has never died her hair (other than the occasional kool-aid purple streak, but that's so high school...) i'm almost too fascinated by the ombré trend.  my best friend is determined to do it this spring, so hopefully i'll be able to share some real-life pictures?? {this is your cue, betsy}

until then, a nice group of celebrity looks to inspire us:

{ subtle gradient fade / whitney port }

{ a little more definition / rumi neely of fashion toast }

{ razor-sharp contrast / lily aldridge }

January 23, 2011

winter florals

the lack of recent posts is appalling. i can't believe it's been nearly a MONTH! i'm both sorry and ashamed for my lack of creativity/time management skills; starting the new semester and balancing class/extracurriculars/my social life has been surprisingly difficult. but i'm happy to report i have a fresh and inspiring idea to share with you for the first post of 2011!

as most of you have probably already experienced, gray winter skies, bone-chilling temperatures and shoe-wrecking slush start getting old after the first few weeks of winter. and every year i have the same panicked thought -- is there really 3 more months of this icy abuse?! unfortunately, yes. and saddest of all, the first area of my life to see the negative effects of the winter blues is my wardrobe.  i find it increasingly difficult to dress in anything other than leggings, hunter wellies, and oversize sweaters (my friends have even started to notice my "uniform").  i usually try to remedy by boring, uninspired ensemble with a stack of bracelets, but let's face it -- i'm a winter zombie.  

a quick way to revamp your tired winter wardrobe is with a splash of florals -- no matter how  out-of-season they may appear on the hanger, you can winterize any floral piece with dark colors, a boyfriend cardigan, black tights, or rugged boots.  here, liz is wearing one of our favorite summer skirts, which we normally pair with a loose white racerback tank and flat sandals -- but for winter, we added a black silky shirt and chunky black heels (not pictured, unfortunately -- but if you're a sex & the city fan you'll be happy to know they're knockoffs of THESE famous carrie shoes...)

not once do you think "summer" when you see this outfit -- it's downright wintry, but fresh and cheerful too.  it makes me feel instantly sunnier (pun intended) when i wear it out on a chilly january night - try any of the lovely pieces below for some much-needed growth in your winter wardrobe:

style on!
II emily