November 30, 2011

time for some videos

sometimes a little vidddspiration goes a long way.

geri hirsch (of because i'm addicted) shows 4 chic ways to wear a white shirt. i'm thinking i need one for my wardrobe, too... maybe with a contrasting collar and cuffs?

the "lonely boy" music video from the black keys. included kind of because it's funny. mostly because it's an amazing song (and soon-to-be amazing album > out december 6)
 this guy's got the moves.

MARNI FOR H&M. do i even have to explain? this may excite me more than missoni for target... just maybe. i died a little when the model put on that giant white flower/neon rope necklace at minute 1:02. #amaaaaze

no explanation necessary. coolest song right now. hands down.

II emily

November 24, 2011

give thanks!

happy thanksgiving!!
what are you wearing today?

kind of like the savory mix of foods on your thanksgiving plate, we prefer to wear several textures at once. ever so festively, liz donned a lace dress, tweed blazer, pony-hair belt, and leather loafers, not to mention the armful of metal/crystal/pearl bangles and staple gold watch. (yes, they left her wrist tinged green for a few hours.) 
last but not least, a hot pink lip lends just the right girly, unexpected touch, almost as if to say, "i know i'm going to be ingesting an obscene amount of food today, but my mouth is going to look really good doing it."

{on liz: urban outfitters blazer, asos dress, aldo loafers, j.crew belt, warby parker glasses. jewelry: michael kors, j.crew, american eagle, david yurman, forever 21. lip color: revlon 'lilac champagne.' nail polish: opi 'i'm fondue of you'}

II emily

November 22, 2011

tu(n)esday - lana del rey

lana del rey (aka lizzy grant) is easily my favorite new artist. not only is her voice stunning, but her music sounds like nothing i've ever heard before, which is kind of difficult to come by.
the first song i heard by lana del rey was "video games" and i have to admit it took me a few listens to really understand the slow, moody tune.  watching the video really sealed the deal for me; her romantic lyrics sound innocent against the flickering images, and there's that steamy, summery vibe that makes you pine for those aimless august afternoons. pitchfork said it better:

While the song is husky and sensual in a way that hits the sweet spot Cat Power has abdicated since The Greatest, lyrically, "Video Games" reads more like a prelude to "Lived in Bars". Strings well up and you'll want to hear lines like "Heaven is a place on earth where you/ Tell me all the things you want to do," and "I heard you like the bad girls, honey/ Is that true?" as knowing, rhetorical come-ons. But what of the off-handed references to darts, pool, being held by an incapacitated lover, or a line like "open up a beer... and play a video game?" The allowances of a dream girl or just the most sarcastic, cutting thing you can say to an emotionally unavailable boyfriend? As with the video, it flits between surrendering to romance and depression, moving with the elegant wastefulness of the kind of day drunk that's a true privilege of the beautiful, idle class.

ps: how much do you love lizzy's look? the swept-back hair, dark eyeliner and pouty lips - so fresh.

II emily

November 21, 2011

pull some strings

now that it's (finally) thanksgiving break, i'm not quite sure what to do with myself. what is this concept of free time? part of me thinks i'll revert back to workhorse mode and write a dozen album reviews i've been meaning to get to for wiux (including the new black keys, a very she & him christmas, etc) but first on my list is to pick up a boatload of colorful threads and make friendship bracelets until my fingers bleed. just kidding, i'm not that hardcore.  okay... maybe i am.  desperate times, people.
my favorite bracelets are diagonal stripe & chevron styles, aka the moderately easy ones, and weaving in a chain or some rhinestones never hurts... peep the inspo photos below:
{images via jak & jill and}

II emily

November 20, 2011

severe weather conditions

as the temperatures continue to drop, our dead-of-winter staples become more and more necessary. shapeless puffer coats, hair-flattening hats, chapped skin, thick sweaters, heavy boots -- the list goes on. it's hard to feel stylish when you're barely able to move your arms, so this winter i'm looking for chic, feminine alternatives to the bare necessities, starting with these sperry shearwater boots.
great winter shoes are possibly the trickiest area to conquer -- sure, uggs are cozy, but they aren't exactly "fashion-forward." not to mention that when there's more than 1 inch of snow on the ground, they become a soggy, squishy mess. girls everywhere try to deny this harsh reality, which is kind of justifiable considering the lack of stylish winter footwear options out there... but this season, there's no excuse. the sperry shearwater is both practical and stylish! a grippy, waterproof rubber sole means no slipping or sliding on the ice, and fashiony details like bold colors, shearling lining, plaid patterns and quilted shafts give these a bit of an edge. they'll add a chic spin to even your most utilitarian of winter ensembles.

II emily

November 17, 2011

boy meets girl

{photo via}

peter pan collars are simultaneously girlish (in the most girlish way possible - like little girl wearing pink mary-janes-ish) and a bit boyish. (...ish.) this is usually achieved by wearing a prim button-up peter pan-collared shirt and buttoning said shirt all the way up to said peter pan collar, but i prefer the versatility of a peter pan collar necklace.  layer it over a simple crewneck tee or sweater, then up the tomboy factor with a few androgynous pieces -- i.e. a men's watch, distressed denim, a fedora or geek chic glasses -- and you're on your way to never never land.  

II emily

November 16, 2011

the bargain of the century

holy cow.

have you ever seen a more fabulous shoe for under $50?
and am i the only one seeing the influence of a certain red-soled celebrity designer? hint hint. you know i love a good look-alike. 
score these at charlotte russe before everyone else catches on. (ps - they're equally showstopping in black)

II emily

November 15, 2011

basically chic

liz wearing all of our favorite basics right now: cream cable knit (this one's a cropped forever21 version), super-dark skinnies jeans (these are black BDG), and my latest obsession... isabel marant 'dicker' imitation booties (these are carlos by carlos santana).  sometimes when you're strapped for time or can't seem to find anything to wear, combining your tried-and-true basics is an chic, effortless option.

II emily

November 10, 2011

November 8, 2011

zara coats

are they killing it or are they killing it?
i kind of have an obsession with coats. it's painful. and i can't justify filling my entire wardrobe with outerwear, no matter how fabulous that would be! 
 in the meantime, i'm dreaming about these in particular...

1 / 2 / 3 /4

II emily 

November 5, 2011

the look for less: pink pleats

remember when i posted a neon ensemble featuring this to-die-for halston heritage skirt? needless to say i'm still obsessed with it - the color, the feminine shape, the accordion pleats.... talk about the perfect pop of color for fall (just pair it with tights and boots!) 
but when, like me, there isn't $370 lying around waiting to be spent on a hot pink skirt... it's nice to have cheap alternatives! i spotted this old navy beauty in the latest issue of lucky magazine (aka my bible) and can't wait to hop over to my local store to snatch it up. the best part? it's on sale for $25 (originally $35... which is still pretty amazing!)

II emily

DIY: cap toe

i've always been a huge fan of cap toes, especially the graphic black-and-white chanel variety.  cap toes seem to be having a major moment right now, and since chanel is a little out of my price range, you better believe i'll be trying this DIY! so clever, so cute, so easy
grab this pair of (reasonably-priced) booties, a few supplies (like tape, white paint, and clear finishing spray) and get started!

II emily

November 3, 2011

pumped up kicks

you know i have a soft spot for cute sneaks, but it's hard to come across a truly unique pair - that is, until i came across these forfex beauties. they're possibly the coolest kicks i've ever seen - i'm really digging the uber-textured dalmatian/cheetah prints and glinty studs.  and those pillowy wings?? {bottom pair} those are just too amazzzing to ignore.

here are my faves: