October 20, 2011

neon necessities

i've already gone on (and on) about my love of bright colors for fall/winter, but i'm taking it a step further. 

yes, that daring, intimidating neon trend is now at the top of my list (apologies if the collage below is straining your eyes). maybe it's the recent dreary weather we've been having, and surely i won't feel this way once we're in the dead of winter, but i've been desperate to get my hands on some neon pieces! 
in fact, summery neons are easier to wear year-round than you think -- and you'll look chicer than ever in your fall attire.  just stick to crisp, easy shapes like slim pants or a knife-pleat skirt - nothing too tight, or  you'll run the risk of looking like an 80s music video extra.

and when it comes to mixing neons together, that's when the chic factor really kicks in. try a neon satchel with a bright skirt and necklace, or play it safe by throwing in some neutrals for a much more casual ensemble (perfect for running to class).  try a cream waffle sweatershirt to anchor some bright skinnies, add feminine tangerine flats, and don't forget that oh-so-necessary bold nail color

II emily

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