October 11, 2011

pin happy

i'm sure you're well aware of what pinterest is, and frankly this post is long overdue - i've been a shameless pinner for a very long time (and have gotten tons of my friends in on the fun, too!) i never know when inspiration will strike, and as someone who frequents dozens of blogs and websites per day, pinterest is essential for organizing found images. you just "pin" it and bam! - it's on your pinboard forever.

but what exactly is a pin? think of pinterest as a {virtual moodboard.} just like you would pin photos or magazine clippings to a bullentin board in your bedroom, pinterest allows you to pull images from websites, blogs, your own camera - anywhere - and keep them in one place where you can always find them.  

see my boards below for a better idea of what i'm talking about...

 {my boards: interiors, inspiration, total foodie, art, wish list, shoes, gems & jewels}

{recent pins}

looks like it's time you get pinning!

II emily

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