November 28, 2012

etsy spotlight: friedasophie

i've only bought a few things on etsy before, but i'm slowly becoming one of those addicts... the kind that tells herself she totally needs edible sharks for her next (nonexistent) baking venture. or soap that looks like sushi - yeah, totally necessary.

that being said, it's also possible to feel lost on the site, endlessly searching for that one special boutique. and once you stumble upon it... you have to share. friedasophie is any jewelry girl's dream come true: its pieces are all at once feminine, versatile, edgy and fashion-forward. i mean, who wouldn't want to wear a geode around their neck?  i love the juxtaposition of raw stones against simple gold chains and settings.

these pieces would give a delicate summer dress a little bit of edge, or they could add some earthiness to your  winter knits! if you need a cold weather pick-me-up (or a super special gift for your bestie, if you didn't already snag one here!) the friedasophie shop is the place for you.

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November 26, 2012

cara mia

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i received my issue 03 in the mail a few weeks ago, but i still love flipping through to re-read the articles and pore over the countless gorgeous, gigantic photos. especially fantastic was the cover story on cara delevigne, by far one of the most interesting models on the runway these days. how much are you loving the above portraits? so much beauty/fashion inspiration -- fuschia lips, tousled highlighted strands, slick liner and baseball caps. i'm anxious to see what this londoner has in store for the coming seasons.

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November 14, 2012

loeffler randall resort 2013

the general consensus is that structured bags are the only kind worth having this season. my slouchy 5-year-old marc by marc jacobs hobo may suggest otherwise, but believe me, if i could drop $500 on one of these loeffler randall beauties, i'd be a proud new member of the bags-that-look-like-briefcases brigade. these are clean, modern and sleek, but nowhere near as boring as some of the other iterations out there. shiny closures, smooth piping and mixed textures add plenty of necessary interest. 

these bags are also really... resort-y, as the name suggests. in pastels, pale beige and even pure white, they were literally made for jet setters who plan exotic december getaways. but i can see a lot of these bags looking just fine with standard winter wardrobes -- it's all about finding balance. wear the minty number with greys and camels, or let the emerald clutch pop against an all-black ensemble. and that tan, black, and python number would function absolutely perfectly all year round -- it's the perfect mix of neutrals.

but the shoes... the shoes should probably be reserved for poolside parties and barbecues. i'm not one to encourage frostbite. but they're definitely worth scooping up now if you have that luxurious vacay in mind (or, you know, if you're already planning your spring break outfits).

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November 13, 2012

the joy of giving

thanksgiving is just around the corner which means.... turkey, potatoes, pecan pie and plenty of cider. but more importantly, thanksgiving means it's officially time to start  your holiday shopping!!!!! 
i hear time and time again that holiday shopping causes stress for a lot of people, but it doesn't have to be this way. i find there are a few tricks to pleasing everyone on your list and doing so in the chicest way possible:

tip #1: buy early. this is a no brainer. you'll have your pick of all of the season's best products, and while you might miss a few sales, you'll rest assured you bought that sparkly iPad case or snuggly cashmere socks before they completely sold out. and you'll avoid all of that insane holiday shopping traffic.

tip #2: think luxuriously. no one wants a predictable or boring gift. your friends and family can tell when you've put some thought and consideration into your gifts, and that's how you show your love! i always say it's best to buy people things that they wouldn't normally buy for themselves: a splurge-worthy st. james tee, plush faux fur blanket, or pricey bottle of alcohol. just because they need a new blender doesn't mean you should buy them one. 

tip #3: consider beauty products. i personally think cosmetics are some of the best gifts you can give, and they're probably the least expected item on anyone's list. i'm not saying you should buy your grandmother one of those blue nars x andy warhol eyeshadows when you know she's strictly into taupe -- but consider her everyday beauty routine and go from there. for example, my mom loves a select few things: super hydrating creams; dewy  foundations; the yves saint laurent touche eclat corrector; ultra-natural pink lips; and a certain dior palette with the prettiest neutral shadows around. so, what to buy a woman with a tried-and-true (and decidedly glamorous) beauty routine? for starters, i know she would love the dior hydra life foundation because it's lightweight, super moisturizing, and still provides plenty of coverage -- plus, it comes in a shade pale enough for her skin tone. i also know she would love any of those new clinique 'black honey' variations since she's been wearing the original color since the 90s. and i could even throw in one of the new tom ford lipsticks, which apparently smell amazing and come in the most perfect colors, from deep burgundy to neon pink (though i'd probably go with casablanca for mom). giving her a few new items that she would actually love and use would be thoughtful, heartfelt, unexpected, and yes, luxurious.

below, i provided even more ideas for the lovely women in your life -- best friends, cousins, moms, aunts, etc! happy shopping!

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November 12, 2012

getting an ear full

unless you live under a rock, you've probably noticed that while arm parties are still going strong, the latest trend in jewelry -- the ear party -- is going, well... really, really strong. aka, your standard studs simply aren't going to cut it anymore.

even if you're like me and have been sporting two upper cartilage rings for the past few years and thought you looked cool, we're  playing it way too small. ear cuffs, tunnel earrings, zany new shapes and even safety pins have entered the world of chic, forward-thinking jewelry, and all i can say is... sign me up.

after a while, high-shine ear parties really don't even seem all that crazy . they're trendy, yes, but daring? of course. statement-making? definitely. worth the risk of drawing awkward attention to your lobes? you bet. oversized, sometimes-violent ear candy toes the line between en vogue and, well... punky. my own mother likened the trend to the over-pierced gothic youth of the 90s, but all i have to say is this: since none of these gilded pieces actually require poking new holes in your body (unless, of course, you don't already have single lobe piercings), it's just an innocent game of c'est-la-vie-and-pile-it-on-before-it's-out-again. which would you choose?

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November 5, 2012

olsen inspo

the endlessly inspiring olsen twins are naturally a favorite here on twin studies...and elizabeth is the newest addition to our obsession! 

just a few of our favorite olsen snaps to get you inspired this fall:

{ elizabeth's tousled bun + cabernet lips are the ultimate fall beauty routine}

 {love mk's all-white look with that pop of neon pink}

{proof that it's always good to change up your style}

{making smudged makeup, patterned tights and a tee look oh-so chic}

 {great contrast with oversized shapes and regal embellishments}

 {the ultimate mix of color and texture -- especially loving the orange + studs}

{sleek bob, all-black, and high slit = red carpet perfection}
 {the basics: white tee, leather mini, red shades and a bold bag}
{comfy-cool in loafter wedges and soft layered knits}

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