September 27, 2010


posts have been embarrassingly sparse, which i tried to conceal for a while but now there's just no use. long story short - my camera broke out of nowhere, and now the screen resembles a spider web. not conducive to a functional blog. today i'll have to share some cool links and borrowed images, and hopefully i will have a new camera sooner rather than later! our fall wardrobe hasn't made an appearance yet and i'm very depressed about it....

but for now, some inspiration:

{photo via sea of shoes}
i love jane's spotted boots! especially with that huge jacket and splash of's perfect. this blog is one of the few that i frequent multiple times a day.. i think jane might be one of the coolest girls in the fashion universe.

{photos via atlantis home}
since coming back to school, the thing i've missed the most is my family's huge kitchen. i'm itching to cook, especially when i see food like this on atlantis home! (fun fact... the blogger isjane's [see above] mom!) i might have to make a quick trip home just to try out these recipes...
(brie-apple-arugula quesadillas & corn salsa)

{above photos via the glamourai}
kelly is a genius, with a look that can't be replicated no matter how hard you try. and i reallllyyyy want to order some pieces from her jewelry line... i love these natural stones.

{ check out some of my other favorite blogs: fashion toast, cupcakes and cashmere, and the style rookie }

happy fall!

September 14, 2010

change in scenery

being back in bloomington feels amazing--every day i still feel like a bright-eyed freshman ogling the gorgeous campus and feeling oh-so collegiate walking to class in historic buildings! seeing my friends every day and doing typical college things is another great plus. there really aren't any cons to being back at school....... except the toll it takes on my skin.

a new abbreviated sleep schedule, more time spent outside, added stress, and different water all contribute to my skin suddenly becoming confused and sporadically breaking out. for these first two weeks, i survived without face wash (i forgot mine at home, ironically) - but then i sucked it up and went to scour the nearby target for a new cleanser. i settled on Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser. i wanted something gentle but effective, and blindly hoped this would work - turns out it's EXACTLY what i wanted. so mild, and after a week my skin is completely clear. as an added bonus, my skin tone is noticeably more even and feels soft and smooth. for barely more than $6, it really is a miracle.

September 8, 2010

LBPD in action!

about a week ago i posted about the LBPD me and liz were currently into - and liz got to wear it out the other night! she went to a semi-formal date party at a fraternity down the street and it was the perfect thing. instead of wearing that over-the top bejeweled necklace we showed in the last post, she instead stacked bangles on her wrists and wore a tiny studded cross-body bag.

the funniest part was 2 of our good friends wore dresses in almost the exact same shape! brandi (in the coral) had matching nude pumps as well. great minds think alike, right?