September 27, 2012

peridot nails

so i know chanel released their coveted metallic nail polishes last year... but what if i'm still obsessed? in fact, it wasn't until now that i fully realized the gorgeousness of 'peridot' (below) and am now on the hunt for my own bottle of green-gold-glimmery-glittery heaven. its perfect for transitioning into fall -- it's still bright and shiny, but a little bit moodier than plain metallic gold.

ps: how chic does it look on blair eadie? i love that she layered sheer gold glitter polish over it -- try this one from sally hansen for a similar effect, and buy your own chanel 'peridot' here.

image via blaireadiebee's instagram

II emily

September 26, 2012

september pins

not that this is news, but pinterest is such a gold mine for inspiration. i'm on one of my frequent pinning sprees, obsessing over my different boards and perusing blogs for hours just to find one shiny new pin. i'll probably forget about it in a week, then have an epiphany one rainy afternoon and start the pinning marathon once again.

 even silly things like tiffany blue popsicles or some ultra-glamorous makeup give me about one zillion new ideas. of course, i tend to focus most on the fashion-related pinboards, especially those of blair eadie and bri emery... luckily fashion makes up about 75% of the entire pinterest network so i'm good. the other 25% is cupcakes, baby animals and nail art.

peep some of my favorite fashion images below:

images via my pinboards

II emily

September 20, 2012

color story: fall 2012

when fall finally rolls around, i'm hardly thinking about color. breezy weather, crisp leaves and shorter days have me craving my cozy grey sweaters, brown leather boots and favorite oversized scarves -- throw in the perfunctory black legging, skinny jean and black puffer coat for when temperatures really start to dip, and you've got a whole lot of neutrals.

don't get me wrong -- i love neutrals. but after about a month of colorless dressing, i feel so, so bored. no outfit feels inspired, and i end up wearing my floral doc martens with everything to compensate for my lack of proper styling. 

but this season is different. not only am i more willing to bring  color into my fall wardrobe, but everything designers seem to be churning out is doused in glorious, saturated color. (i mean, who wouldn't want a rainbow collection of PS11s?) the last fall 2012 collections showed endless varieties of rich, moody hues like oxblood, navy and chocolate brown, complete with interesting textures and plenty of metallics, too. 

 the three colors i'm hoping to add to my wardrobe are laid out below -- there's that deep emerald/teal that i can't stop painting on my nails, the oh-so-70s deep burgundy that looks even cooler head-to-toe, and the bright, decidedly not-autumnal cobalt blue, which has clearly just become a year-round hue:

II emily 

September 9, 2012

jason wu spring 2013

images via

 leather, lace, harnesses, midrifs and sweeping chiffon... no one can wu a girl like this man. if you recall, jason wu dressed michelle obama for the inaguration ball in 2008 -- so this is an especially moody and provocative departure. and yet, he found perfect balance: it's edgy, but sophisticated. sexy, but chic. he stepped out of his comfort zone but didn't lose himself  -- and isn't that always the trick?

II emily

September 8, 2012

lulu x j.crew: round 4

anyone who knows me is well aware of my penchant for j.crew jewelry. their enormous glass case of crystals, baubles, chains and beads is one of my greatest weaknesses, and i can hardly leave the store without feeling the need to invest in a new piece. the emotional rollercoaster is made about one hundred times worse when lulu frost enters the scene, and her latest offerings are probably the best yet.

lulu frost has been collaborating with j.crew for a while now, and for her fourth collection she looked back to art deco for inspiration. colorful bakelite, glinting czech glass and geometric shapes feel perfectly retro, but tortoiseshell and modern details (like bold blue and turquoise stones) lend the right dose of sophistication. it's taking all of my willpower not to reach for my wallet and go crazy, but can you blame me!? check out the beauties below:

II emily