September 26, 2012

september pins

not that this is news, but pinterest is such a gold mine for inspiration. i'm on one of my frequent pinning sprees, obsessing over my different boards and perusing blogs for hours just to find one shiny new pin. i'll probably forget about it in a week, then have an epiphany one rainy afternoon and start the pinning marathon once again.

 even silly things like tiffany blue popsicles or some ultra-glamorous makeup give me about one zillion new ideas. of course, i tend to focus most on the fashion-related pinboards, especially those of blair eadie and bri emery... luckily fashion makes up about 75% of the entire pinterest network so i'm good. the other 25% is cupcakes, baby animals and nail art.

peep some of my favorite fashion images below:

images via my pinboards

II emily

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