September 20, 2012

color story: fall 2012

when fall finally rolls around, i'm hardly thinking about color. breezy weather, crisp leaves and shorter days have me craving my cozy grey sweaters, brown leather boots and favorite oversized scarves -- throw in the perfunctory black legging, skinny jean and black puffer coat for when temperatures really start to dip, and you've got a whole lot of neutrals.

don't get me wrong -- i love neutrals. but after about a month of colorless dressing, i feel so, so bored. no outfit feels inspired, and i end up wearing my floral doc martens with everything to compensate for my lack of proper styling. 

but this season is different. not only am i more willing to bring  color into my fall wardrobe, but everything designers seem to be churning out is doused in glorious, saturated color. (i mean, who wouldn't want a rainbow collection of PS11s?) the last fall 2012 collections showed endless varieties of rich, moody hues like oxblood, navy and chocolate brown, complete with interesting textures and plenty of metallics, too. 

 the three colors i'm hoping to add to my wardrobe are laid out below -- there's that deep emerald/teal that i can't stop painting on my nails, the oh-so-70s deep burgundy that looks even cooler head-to-toe, and the bright, decidedly not-autumnal cobalt blue, which has clearly just become a year-round hue:

II emily 

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