June 30, 2013


{ images via sincerely jules }

a few days ago, liz told me about her sudden dire need for an antik batik clutch. as you may recall, i was lucky enough to be given my very own oversized clutch last winter -- in fact, it looks a lot like the one above, with mostly red, green and turquoise embroidery. liz stumbled upon these photos and was instantly inspired to get her very own bold, multi-colored, pom-pom bag and wear it with her (extensive) collection of striped tees. together we scoured the internet for a good hour looking for antik batik options online, but since every bag is unique, you never quite know what you're going to get  -- but that mystery is kind of intriguing, too.

as luck would have it, she snagged the very last antik batik "banjo" clutch from shopbop (it is no longer on the site, but it's the cute little bag i blogged about here) and we're both pretty excited to get it in the mail. it's right on track with the parisian-boho trend happening this summer, and by wearing it with more modern pieces -- like ripped jeans, striped tees and maybe a metallic shoe -- you avoid looking like an actual gypsy.

below are some of my other favorites by moyna, zara, and more, plus a few ways to wear the look...

{ clockwise from top left: bags by antik batikmatthew williamson, zara & moyna }

{ images via the man repeller and pinterest }

II emily

June 23, 2013

stud finder

zara pumps

while you're saving your pennies for those valentino rockstuds, these cute little pumps from zara should fill the void pretty nicely. i'm wearing mine with everything from jeans to flippy skirts to embroidered dresses, and the walkable heel means you can go, go, go all day long. 

get yours (on sale!) here.

June 16, 2013

roped in

everyone's loving ankle-wrap heels right now, including me (evidenced here and here), and sometimes they even veer into "leg climbing" territory (explored by marlien here). why not go all out, right? on the flip side, i'm looking back to the days of preppy ankle-wrap espadrilles like the ones j.crew used to sell. i remember being in middle school and loving the bright colors and bold patterns on their sky-high, ankle-wrap beauties. i was too young to wear clunky wedges, but i eventually begged my mom to get me a navy and pink pair when they were on sale. i then proceeded to never, ever wear them... rookie mistake! 

that being said, j.crew is getting back to basics by selling some of their classic ankle-wrap espadrilles in chic colors and lower heels. i'm loving them in black or nude; i would wear mine tied in a bow, and with something light and flowy like this...

II emily

June 11, 2013

red pop

{ images via atlantic pacific and le catch }

when it comes to bags, i stick to two extremes - my huge leather carry-all or a teeny tiny clutch or cross-body. there's no in-between. and to make matters worse, i used to have a (super boring) "neutral bags only" policy, stocking my closet with strictly cognac, black, and grey bags. as of late i've come to realize how essential a bold, attention-getting bag can be; paired with an otherwise simple outfit such as jeans, a t-shirt and flats, a pop of color changes everything. after acquiring quite the print collection (documented here), i've been on the hunt for the perfect little red bag like the ones above. a simple red bag feels all at once modern, summer-ready, and trend-proof.

the bags above are all by c√©line, but i have my eye on a few less expensive options: namely this clare viver fold-over, this basket weave christopher kon pouch, this studded rebecca minkoff cross-body, or this textured forever 21 cross-body. summer outfits... complete.

II emily