June 16, 2013

roped in

everyone's loving ankle-wrap heels right now, including me (evidenced here and here), and sometimes they even veer into "leg climbing" territory (explored by marlien here). why not go all out, right? on the flip side, i'm looking back to the days of preppy ankle-wrap espadrilles like the ones j.crew used to sell. i remember being in middle school and loving the bright colors and bold patterns on their sky-high, ankle-wrap beauties. i was too young to wear clunky wedges, but i eventually begged my mom to get me a navy and pink pair when they were on sale. i then proceeded to never, ever wear them... rookie mistake! 

that being said, j.crew is getting back to basics by selling some of their classic ankle-wrap espadrilles in chic colors and lower heels. i'm loving them in black or nude; i would wear mine tied in a bow, and with something light and flowy like this...

II emily

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