March 29, 2012

color story: bright red

image via design lovefest

in a recent post about my newfound appreciation for purple, i mentioned how i used to really, really dislike the color. i never wore purple, and to this day i have almost zero purple pieces in my closet. (that's about to change as i begin my spring shopping, but i digress.)

i could say the same thing about bright red. i suddenly have an insatiable appetite for ruby accessories, clothes and manicures, in sharp contrast with my once-reluctant attitude towards the "basic" primary hue.

but i'm not talking about brick red, pinkish-red, or blue-tinged red -- only the brightest, punchiest orange-tinged red will do. it's an amped up version of our beloved coral - fresh, feminine and downright playful for the warmer months. from apple-printed ballet flats to a lip-shaped miniaudiere, the color carries a little twinge of humor, and that i cannot resist.

II emily

March 25, 2012

color story: purple

i used to love purple... as a child. 
 but until recently, i was not a fan of the color. something about purple just hasn't felt special, nor has it had a proper place in my wardrobe. in high school i couldn't wear purple with other colors without feeling like an 80s jazzercise instructor, and i hated how purple looked against blue jeans and neutrals like black and gray. blah. the color in general just felt very un-chic and uninspired.

however: i'm now reconsidering. this season's extra-bold palette made me a fan of all things colorful, including jewel tones like emerald, deep purple and cobalt blue. the trend is continuing into spring with pastels and neons, and i'm becoming ever more inclined to wear purple in springy hues like bright fuchsia & pale lavender
worn with white and camel, the colors pop without being overbearing, and paired with complementary hues like yellow or pink, the effect is soft and feminine.

naturally, blair eadie (my fave) sparked my newfound interest in bright purple and its infinite combinations; mixed with neons, animal print, neutrals or bold jewelry, she's successfully convinced me of purple's resurgence on the fashion frontier:

{images via atlantic-pacific}

II emily

March 22, 2012

so clutch

though i'm constantly on the hunt for that perfect everyday bag (aka this wonderful cognac confection by chloe), i'm currently being drawn to the craziest, least practical clutches out there. i mean, really - a slim jungle-print pouch inside a lucite box that will fit little more than a debit card and lip gloss? ...sign me up.
with bags like this, your outfit can be simple, sleek, and fuss-free. these are like little works of art. i'm obsessed with that jimmy choo surf scene bag - it's completely unlike me, yet here i am, wishing i had $795 to blow.

II emily

March 21, 2012


super in love with the msgm pre-fall collection. for such a young line (it started in italy in 2008) it's amazingly well-developed and perfectly curated. i'm loving the feminine florals, mixed prints, glittery sunglasses, metallic touches, bold colors, perhaps the best use of clay i've seen in a while, and soft structure.
and it's all finished off with simple black ladylike pumps. as much as i love chunky wedges and crazy colors, it's really nice to see a return of the (platform-free) pump.

{images via the clothes horse}

II emily

March 20, 2012

bow down

everyone who knows me is well aware of my lifelong obsession with bows. it's not that i even wear bows every day; i've just happened to accumulate a huge collection of bow patterns, bow-adorned shoes, bow jewelry, even bow blouses. lucky for me, the ultra-feminine embellishment is coming back this spring (i mean, only every major fashion blogger has a pair of those carven sling backs) and you'd better believe i'll be stocking up. i've been building up my currently obsessed page and have found almost too many covetable bow-adorned items . . .

II emily

March 19, 2012

mastering pastels

as a major proponent of pastels (also evident here and here), i've been playing with different ways to wear them. though the colors themselves are quite versatile, there's only so many ways you can wear colors like "baby pink" and "soft yellow" before you feel like a legitimate easter egg. luckily, i've found one foolproof way to elevate the look: mix in lots of gold. the slick shine contrasts perfectly with the cotton candy hues, creating the perfect balance of sugary and chic

II emily

March 15, 2012


i recently posted about the different social media platforms we use here at twin studies - but i may have forgotten one: instagram. it's basically twitter but is completely reliant on personal photos, and those cute little filters are just too irresistible. i like to use the app to document daily inspiration, but i mostly just like to follow other instagram addicts like blair eadie and jessica stein, who have mastered art of square, sepia-soaked photography. who knew iPhone cameras held so much potential? 

below, a few recent snapshots that are markedly more significant than my usual photos of nail polish or over-the-top arm parties...

 1. our very-very-very favorite topshop frock. no regrets over purchasing this in london last summer, exchange rate and all.

2. a collage my coworker for collegefashionista put together - adding shiny bracelets and mustard-yellow bow sandals (also from topshop) give the dress a bit more edge.

3. delicious outdoor breakfast here in florida - scrambled eggs with goat cheese & chives!

4. view driving over the sarasota bridge. literally zero clouds in the sky.

5. my beloved lucky magazine "ka-bloom" editorial (you may have seen it here, too...)

6. a relatively simple arm party including my favorite kate spade bangle.

7. our (kind-of) new puppy raj!!!! isn't he the cutest little yorkie you ever saw?! :)

8. macarons from one of my favorite spots, le macaron. (vanilla is my ultimate, but i also indulged in praline, raspberry, lemon, and caramel. YUM.)

9. a lovely dinner at harry & izzy's last week for my boyfriend's birthday.

10.  the view of the florida sunrise outside the plane as we began our descent - yes, the sun was still rising. 

more insta-love to come!

II emily

March 14, 2012

skinny dip

anyone who knows me will attest that my nails are rarely polish-free. on top of that, they're never a basic pink or clear; they're almost always a super-bright, completely non-natural hue, and the bolder the better. hot pink, neon orange, cobalt blue, bright coral... you name it. (i'm still after the perfect lime green.) because of this, my close friends will be especially shocked to read this post because lately, i've turned away from rainbow-brite hues and towards clean, classy, utterly versatile nudes. 

i'm beyond excited for spring to finally arrive so i can wear blindingly-bright colors to my heart's desire, and until now, that anticipation has included bright nail colors. i picked out my favorites from essie (mostly from their new spring line) and imagined how cute they would look with my floral jeans and a citron knit

but i have to eat my words. with so many colors swirling around in my spring outfits and accessories, shouldn't my nails take on a more subtle sheen? there is such thing as too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to bold colors.

enter: the nude nail. it honestly looks better with a tan, so i'm trying out my first color-free manicure as soon as i return from vacation. i'm partial to pink-based nudes, like the deborah lippmann shades below, but even essie's grey-tinged "topless and barefoot" and opi's creamy "samoan sand" would look perfect with every colorful spring ensemble.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

II emily

March 13, 2012

color story: mint green

unless you live under a rock, you're well aware that mint green is the hot color for spring. not only does it feel fresh, new and downright cheerful, but it plays into my favorite spring trend: pastels. (i may have jumped the gun and participated in the trend last summer, too, with these shorts. i'll chalk it up to "trend forecasting.")

mint green looks beautiful with other pastels like baby pink, pale blue, lavender and yellow as well as tried-and-true neutrals like beige and white. i love the idea of the acne sweater below with pale pink skinnies or a little taupe mini skirt. or maybe some distressed white jeans...or my floral-print pants... honestly, you just can't beat the versatility. 

when i think of "mint green" i envision a pale, bright mix of pale green + aqua, but the truth is, the hue comes in tons of shades. some see mint as more of a robin's egg blue, others imagine a greener, grassier variety. whatever your personal take on the color, i highly suggest you find at least one statement-making mint piece to add to your spring wardrobe; it will no doubt become your go-to staple and will transition so easily into fall.

{clockwise from top left: repetto flats, j.crew necklace, essie nail polish (in varying hues of the popular "mint candy apple" shade - get the bluish one here, the greener one here), acne sweater, artwork via riazzoli)

II emily

March 12, 2012


florals will always have a place in my heart, and i'm especially loving the bold, artistic floral designs so many designers have put out this spring. mary katrantzou, peter som, dries van noten, and altuzarra - among others - sent legitimate floral explosions down the runway. mixed patterns, neon colors, and digitized prints could make even the brightest garden look boring. 
lucky magazine's "ka-bloom" editorial (styled by the amazing elle strauss) features the season's best supercharged florals, and of course it's curated to perfection. it's one of my favorite editorials ever-ever-ever, and i've been on a serious hunt for affordable pieces to recreate the covetable looks (especially #1). i love how the eye-catching patterns are tempered by simple, structured silhouettes; it makes it all feel so effortless. 

II emily

March 10, 2012

spring savings

during one of my frequent fantasy shopping escapades, i realized just how many amazing deals are out there right now. luxe designers like rebecca taylor and marc jacobs are putting their dreamiest blouses and jewels on super sale, and asos has been serving up highly-covetable, completely affordable, trendy spring pieces (per usual). 
and how amazing is a creamy, non-cakey concealer stick for $1? or floral statement-making flats for $52? i rest my case...

try not to go overboard! "try" being the operative word here...

II emily

March 7, 2012

spring break essentials

here at IU, spring break is just around the corner. (two days!!!) and if you're heading south for warmer climates, you'll need more than a string bikini to get through the week. (but those are essential, too - check out the guide to mixing and matching swimwear i posted a few weeks ago!) my suggestions are as follows:

first, fashion. i love embracing bold, bright hues on spring break - it's not only fun and stylish, but bold colors actually lift my mood. for the past few gloomy months, i've been living in equally gloomy colors. spring break is a huge breath of fresh, colorful air! it's like the sun is melting away all of winter's stresses. ahhhhh. much needed.
this year, i'm packing lots of bright pinks and oranges, with plenty of whites and neutrals to balance them out. and i love easy, simple, comfortable silhouettes; how amazing is that heidi merrick shift? dying for the shape and mixture of orange, aqua & yellow. as for shoes, flat sandals are my best friends. comfortable, chic, and durable... what else could you want in a shoe?

you know i'm a huge jewelry girl, but arm party + beach = misery. nothing is worse than getting sand stuck in your favorite rhinestone bangle, and it's just uncomfortable wearing lots of metal in high temperatures! as a result, i tend to leave most of my jewels at home, but i always make sure i pack a few sleek, statement-making pieces for nighttime. a chunky gold bangle is perfect for my colorful vacation ensembles; gold goes with everything and makes even a t-shirt and jeans feel a bit dressier. (plus, it looks extra chic with a slick gold iPhone case - a total necessity for beach music!)

when it comes to beauty, of course the first item on your shopping list is sunscreen. i always wear at least spf 30. believe me, no matter how much you want to be tan, it isn't worth a sunburn or the skin damage down the road. i love spray-on sunscreen and handy little sunscreen towelettes; they're surprisingly effective and so much easier to use than lotion!

now, the subject of makeup is kind of a nonissue. i mean, who goes to the beach wearing foundation and eye shadow?? that's just silly. even when you're going out for dinner and drinks at night, chances are your skin will be a little sensitive from all the sun, so i'd advise against slathering on layers of makeup. 
instead, i like to use a gentle soothing cream on my face and neck to avoid irritation, then i just dust on a bit of loose powder, sweep bronzer over my cheeks, and add a touch of highlighter (learn how to use bronzer & highlighter to their best potential with this recent post; and yes, i'm aware of my nars obsession). i usually balance out the natural look with some shockingly bright nail polish, like fuchsia or aqua.

is there anything i'm missing? what are your must-haves for spring break/vacation?

the list:
1) heidi merrick dress 2) clare vivier clutch [similar here] 3) incase chrome iPhone case [similar here] 4) asos sunglasses [similar here] 5) nars nail polish in "schiap" 6) nars illuminator in "copacabana" 7) nars bronzer in "laguna"  8) j.crew bangle [similar here] 9) neutrogena ultra gentle soothing cream 10) tocca spf30+ sunscreen towelette multi pack 11) marc by marc jacobs nylon tote [not yet available, but similar here and here]

II emily

March 6, 2012

tech savvy

four social media platforms. four! that's how many we use. that may sound like a lot, but it's actually a pretty modest number. you probably use all of these - or maybe even more. it seems like there's a new social media tool every day, and now there are experts on the subject. social media can be your career. do you think that's what mark zuckerberg had in mind when he made facebook?

blogs are so, so dependent on social media. in fact, blogs are social media tools in and of themselves. but the blogosphere would be nothing without twitter, facebook, and tumblr, and the most recent craze, pinterest, has given bloggers even more room for creative promotion. 

if you weren't aware of twin studies' twitter and facebook pages, i suggest you check them out now! i've been using twitter a lot more than usual lately, tweeting great online shopping deals and the latest fashion news, as well as links to the most recent twin studies posts, of course. follow us here to get in on the action.

i'm also a HUGE pinterest fan. it may be a "recent fad" but i started my pinterest boards this the last year, back when you had to "request an invitation" to join. needless to say the site has skyrocketed, and i love seeing what other bloggers, my friends, and pinners from all over the world are getting inspired by. you can follow my pinterest here as well as liz's pinterest!
the twin studies tumblr is the most recent addition, and i'm still adjusting to the site! but i love how easy it is to follow your favorite magazines, bloggers, and friends in your own little tumblr community, and just like interest, it's extremely visual. it's the place for blogs that rely on photographs and design, and that's more than necessary in this hyper-technological age.

i'm not up on a lot of the "latest" social media tools, but you'll recall i blogged about a few weeks back, and i still think it's a brilliant new site. i'm hoping to join the site one day, but for now i'm addicted to clicking through my favorite bloggers' obsessions!

so go on. follow us!  social media spreads the love, and that's what twin studies is all about! sharing fashion, beauty, and everyday inspiration. 

II emily

March 4, 2012

outfit idea: the tweed jacket

i've been a fan of tweed jackets for years -- i blame chanel. coco chanel created her first iconic tweed suit - a boxy little jacket and pencil skirt - back in 1923, and we're still wearing them today. tweed jackets are not only classic, timeless, and effortless, but they're especially perfect for today's trendy juxtaposing tendencies. a structured tweed jacket mixed with distressed denim, t-shirts, leather pants, and casual bags looks perfectly imperfect. it's the ultimate finishing touch for any ensemble.
while a chanel jacket itself is clearly the most covetable option, there are plenty of affordable varieties out there. j.crewtory burch, zara, and even urban outfitters have consistently stocked fabulous selections of tweed! peep some extra-inspirational outfits below:

II emily

March 1, 2012

color story: kelly green

i've never been a huge kelly green person. in fact, i can only name one or two pieces in my closet that are any shade of green. not only is bright green somewhat unusual to find in stores, but i've just never considered it for my skin tone, style or personality.

this spring, things are completely different. kelly green is everywhere and i'm predicting it will be a hot color for months to come. it's rich, bold, and perfectly unexpected - i can guarantee you'd be the only one wearing an emerald sequined dress at your next soiree. it's just quirky and ironic enough to feel fresh and modern, yet not overly trendy.
not to mention it reminds me of the pretty flowers, fresh cut grass, and minty refreshments of spring. #21days

II emily