March 15, 2012


i recently posted about the different social media platforms we use here at twin studies - but i may have forgotten one: instagram. it's basically twitter but is completely reliant on personal photos, and those cute little filters are just too irresistible. i like to use the app to document daily inspiration, but i mostly just like to follow other instagram addicts like blair eadie and jessica stein, who have mastered art of square, sepia-soaked photography. who knew iPhone cameras held so much potential? 

below, a few recent snapshots that are markedly more significant than my usual photos of nail polish or over-the-top arm parties...

 1. our very-very-very favorite topshop frock. no regrets over purchasing this in london last summer, exchange rate and all.

2. a collage my coworker for collegefashionista put together - adding shiny bracelets and mustard-yellow bow sandals (also from topshop) give the dress a bit more edge.

3. delicious outdoor breakfast here in florida - scrambled eggs with goat cheese & chives!

4. view driving over the sarasota bridge. literally zero clouds in the sky.

5. my beloved lucky magazine "ka-bloom" editorial (you may have seen it here, too...)

6. a relatively simple arm party including my favorite kate spade bangle.

7. our (kind-of) new puppy raj!!!! isn't he the cutest little yorkie you ever saw?! :)

8. macarons from one of my favorite spots, le macaron. (vanilla is my ultimate, but i also indulged in praline, raspberry, lemon, and caramel. YUM.)

9. a lovely dinner at harry & izzy's last week for my boyfriend's birthday.

10.  the view of the florida sunrise outside the plane as we began our descent - yes, the sun was still rising. 

more insta-love to come!

II emily

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