March 6, 2012

tech savvy

four social media platforms. four! that's how many we use. that may sound like a lot, but it's actually a pretty modest number. you probably use all of these - or maybe even more. it seems like there's a new social media tool every day, and now there are experts on the subject. social media can be your career. do you think that's what mark zuckerberg had in mind when he made facebook?

blogs are so, so dependent on social media. in fact, blogs are social media tools in and of themselves. but the blogosphere would be nothing without twitter, facebook, and tumblr, and the most recent craze, pinterest, has given bloggers even more room for creative promotion. 

if you weren't aware of twin studies' twitter and facebook pages, i suggest you check them out now! i've been using twitter a lot more than usual lately, tweeting great online shopping deals and the latest fashion news, as well as links to the most recent twin studies posts, of course. follow us here to get in on the action.

i'm also a HUGE pinterest fan. it may be a "recent fad" but i started my pinterest boards this the last year, back when you had to "request an invitation" to join. needless to say the site has skyrocketed, and i love seeing what other bloggers, my friends, and pinners from all over the world are getting inspired by. you can follow my pinterest here as well as liz's pinterest!
the twin studies tumblr is the most recent addition, and i'm still adjusting to the site! but i love how easy it is to follow your favorite magazines, bloggers, and friends in your own little tumblr community, and just like interest, it's extremely visual. it's the place for blogs that rely on photographs and design, and that's more than necessary in this hyper-technological age.

i'm not up on a lot of the "latest" social media tools, but you'll recall i blogged about a few weeks back, and i still think it's a brilliant new site. i'm hoping to join the site one day, but for now i'm addicted to clicking through my favorite bloggers' obsessions!

so go on. follow us!  social media spreads the love, and that's what twin studies is all about! sharing fashion, beauty, and everyday inspiration. 

II emily

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