March 29, 2012

color story: bright red

image via design lovefest

in a recent post about my newfound appreciation for purple, i mentioned how i used to really, really dislike the color. i never wore purple, and to this day i have almost zero purple pieces in my closet. (that's about to change as i begin my spring shopping, but i digress.)

i could say the same thing about bright red. i suddenly have an insatiable appetite for ruby accessories, clothes and manicures, in sharp contrast with my once-reluctant attitude towards the "basic" primary hue.

but i'm not talking about brick red, pinkish-red, or blue-tinged red -- only the brightest, punchiest orange-tinged red will do. it's an amped up version of our beloved coral - fresh, feminine and downright playful for the warmer months. from apple-printed ballet flats to a lip-shaped miniaudiere, the color carries a little twinge of humor, and that i cannot resist.

II emily

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  1. Red has always been one of my favorite colors, I'm glad you are now warming up to it!

    Great blog! Check mine out and follow.

    xo From California