October 30, 2011

mary katrantzou for topshop

ever since i saw mary kantrantzou's vibrant florals and mixed prints on the spring 2012 runway, i decided she was a) one of my new favorite designers and b) on the brink of fashion world domination. so you can image my delight when i heard she was working on a collection for the fashion mecca that is topshop
best collab ever?

spring 2012 pics to give you a hint of just how major this will be... :

{ images via topshop inside-out }

II emily

October 24, 2011

a girl can dream

i know i've been writing a lot of shoe posts lately {aka here and here} ...but what can i say? i'm only human. shoes are a guilty pleasure, especially for someone who doesn't get to wear intensely fabulous shoes on a regular basis. i have big footwear dreams post-college.

and if i were, say, a working girl in the heart of the fashion industry in manhattan right now (just a casual scenario), these are the shoes i'd be wearing to death. each and every last pair. yep, the litas too.

October 22, 2011

leopard cardi

{ j.crew cardigan, forever21 dress, j.crew necklace, bracelets from forever21/j.crew, burberry watch, bag from italian flea market, nine west heels}

i got this leopard cardigan last christmas, and while the wool and slightly-shimmery pattern led me to think it was just a "winter piece," i've been getting more wear out of it than ever on these chilly fall days we've been having!
i wore it yesterday to a lecture given by jace lipstein of "grungy gentleman" with a 60s-inspired nude and black shift, a stack of bracelets, a bejeweled necklace, and a black satchel. jace's advise about the fashion industry - covering everything from editorial to design - was just as fabulous as his blog, and i could tell the other students were just as inspired as i was! and if you're like me and love learning more about the mysterious world that is men's fashion, click on over to his site for some very major posts.

II emily

October 20, 2011

neon necessities

i've already gone on (and on) about my love of bright colors for fall/winter, but i'm taking it a step further. 

yes, that daring, intimidating neon trend is now at the top of my list (apologies if the collage below is straining your eyes). maybe it's the recent dreary weather we've been having, and surely i won't feel this way once we're in the dead of winter, but i've been desperate to get my hands on some neon pieces! 
in fact, summery neons are easier to wear year-round than you think -- and you'll look chicer than ever in your fall attire.  just stick to crisp, easy shapes like slim pants or a knife-pleat skirt - nothing too tight, or  you'll run the risk of looking like an 80s music video extra.

and when it comes to mixing neons together, that's when the chic factor really kicks in. try a neon satchel with a bright skirt and necklace, or play it safe by throwing in some neutrals for a much more casual ensemble (perfect for running to class).  try a cream waffle sweatershirt to anchor some bright skinnies, add feminine tangerine flats, and don't forget that oh-so-necessary bold nail color

II emily

October 18, 2011

THE boots

while the widespread glory that is the isabel marant 'dicker' boot is kind of old news, i'm still a huge fan of the most perfect, wearable ankle boot that ever was.  the $615 price tag is all that kept me from scooping up a pair - in both colors, obviously - but lucky for me there's an equally chic variation over at madewell.  
that little wooden heel, soft suede, ultra-versatile colors, and reasonable price ($118) are just a little too hard to resist.

{image via fashion toast}

II emily

October 16, 2011

geek chic

very into j.crew's selection of glammed-up penny loafers... they're taking geek chic to a whole new level! {fake eyeglasses optional}  
try them with rolled skinny pants, a grandpa cardigan, distressed denim, or tailored trousers.

II emily

October 14, 2011

cozy up to sweaters

i know {sweaters} aren't the most fashion-forward pieces in the world, but every fall i look forward to cozying up with supersoft, slightly-oversize knits; they make winter seem bearable! my usual stops for perfect knits include j.crew and h&m, but this season, i'm hitting up madewell's online shop.  
per usual, j.crew's younger sister has turned out some amazing fall pieces {see above and below}, and their feature on styling sweaters in particular is too dreamy to ignore. i especially love how they paired this aqua crewneck with velvet shorts, a silky button-up, ribbed knee socks and spotted pony boots -- that's FIVE incredible textures!  in fact, i think the texture is what i love most about sweaters.  you can give your own favorite sweater some added edge by mixing it with different textures  like bright cords, a flippy lace skirt, a silk scarf or patent loafers. it's those clever combinations that create stylish-yet-effortless outfits, and isn't that what we're all after? in fact, i wrote an article about mixing textures over at college magazine where you can find even more tips and tricks for nailing this luxe look.

{both photos via madewell}

II emily

October 11, 2011

pin happy

i'm sure you're well aware of what pinterest is, and frankly this post is long overdue - i've been a shameless pinner for a very long time (and have gotten tons of my friends in on the fun, too!) i never know when inspiration will strike, and as someone who frequents dozens of blogs and websites per day, pinterest is essential for organizing found images. you just "pin" it and bam! - it's on your pinboard forever.

but what exactly is a pin? think of pinterest as a {virtual moodboard.} just like you would pin photos or magazine clippings to a bullentin board in your bedroom, pinterest allows you to pull images from websites, blogs, your own camera - anywhere - and keep them in one place where you can always find them.  

see my boards below for a better idea of what i'm talking about...

 {my boards: interiors, inspiration, total foodie, art, wish list, shoes, gems & jewels}

{recent pins}

looks like it's time you get pinning!

II emily

October 10, 2011

accessorize me

the latest issue of lucky magazine recently quoted: "accessories are the trick to distinctive - and distinctively cool - style." truer words have never been said, and after years of fashion experimentation, i really do believe the right accessories make all the difference.

maybe its the fact that jewelry, purses, sunnies, scarves (and even nail colors) can so easily feel like little works of art. or the fact that accessories stay "in style" for years and years after trendy clothing has faded out. or maybe it's just that accessories are subtle and effortless - the hallmarks of chic, unfussy style.

i'm okay with thinking it's any combination of those reasons. right now i'm really loving the following pieces:

II emily

October 7, 2011

kelly wearstler RTW

unless you live under a rock, you've probably either seen or heard about the creative mastermind that is kelly wearstler. if not, head over to her amazing blog, my vibe my life, and prepare to be inspired.

however, right now it's time to take note of wearstler's brand spanking new ready-to-wear line.  a true artist and creative spirit, it's no wonder kelly has always had an affinity towards fashion - and with the introduction of her artistic line, our efforts to imitate her style will be a little less painstaking.  i mean, how many different ways do you think you could style that striped tank?? i'm thinking around... 200... and that gold coil ring is right up my alley. ditto the velvet orange dress.
 but it gets better. the impeccable line also includes art and home goods, like brass sculpted legs, gold sunbursts, and square marble dishes.  the pieces seem odd and impractical at first... and then you wonder how you could ever live without them. #need

{ all items via kellywearstler.com }

II emily

October 4, 2011

fall brights

while i'm usually most excited for cozy sweaters, leather boots, and darker colors come fall, this season i really can't get enough of all the brights. i love jewel tones more than ever, and my current favorites include emerald green, fuschia, and any shade of blue. and whether you want a little bit of color or a lot, these rich shades are easier to wear than you think. 
to get started, try buying some bright accessories, like a yellow bag or multi-colored necklace. or put together a monochromatic look using different shades of the same color and adding a few subtle patterns.

II emily