April 25, 2012


this is my ultimate summer beauty look. (on one of my ultimate style icons, to boot.) it's both natural and ethereal, chic yet not stuffy. soft waves, lightly bronzed skin, shimmery cheeks, baby doll lashes, nude lips and a bit of gold eyeshadow hint at the ever-so-popular "bare faced" look while adding radiance and subtle definition. the key is to choose bronzer that's just a touch darker than your natural skin tone (otherwise you'll look too harsh) and to thoroughly blend your highlighter and eye shadows so everything looks nice and soft.
 it sure helps that all of this takes five minutes to master. seriously. besides the occasional swipe of gel eyeliner for nighttime events, i'm keeping this look in rotation all season long.

II emily

April 20, 2012

made you think

{images via pinterest}

i know, i know. this is a fashion blog - not the place for quotes and feel-good musings! what's going on here?

the thing is, i find inspiration everywhere - not just fashion. (that would make me pretty one-dimensional, wouldn't it?) i love art, interiors, graphic design and, yes, the occasional inspiring quote. (nothing cheesy though.) sometimes a strong quote can affect your attitude for the whole day, or maybe even your whole life. they're worth remembering! for example: when i get particularly good fortunes in my fortune cookies, i save those scraps of paper as little tokens of good luck. i've had one that says "your ambitious nature will help you make a name for yourself" tucked inside my phone case for over a year now. and when i read it, i feel a surge of motivation and excitement for the future and everything that's to come.

i've accumulated these quotes above over the past couple of days and i love how sweet and simple they are. they really say a lot in just a few words! plus, aren't they all so well designed? sometimes typography alone can feel like a piece of art.

i'm thinking of trying more posts like this one about graphic design, DIY ideas, and maybe some more music posts, too. (it's been a while since one of those!) what do you think?

II emily

April 18, 2012

counting down

as a continuation of one of my recent posts, i put together my current new york wish list. i find more pieces i "need" every single day, so i may have to make this a recurring theme!

 i'm leaving in a little over six weeks and all i can seem to think about is how desperately my closet needs an update. i have plenty of sundresses to tide me over for an indiana summer, but nyc requires a little more variety. since i spent last summer interning in london, i kind of have a feel for what i'll be wearing to work. however, temperatures in london were in the mid-60s, and a new york will be closer to 90 degrees in the middle of june. that will definitely be an adjustment. 

as a result, i'm looking for easy-yet-amazing pieces to do all my styling work for me -- i.e. bold accessories (like patterned bags and metallic shoes) to spice up simple ensembles; cute-but-comfortable kicks to wear on long adventures around the city; unfussy dresses that can be worn to work with flats and glammed up at night with heels; extra-bold jewelry to make a chic statement; and sleek blazers to throw over anything and everything.

i'm thinking all of these pieces would carry me through the entire season and mix seamlessly with what i already have hanging in my wardrobe; what's on your summer wish list?

II emily

April 15, 2012

inspired by: a zebra scarf

i stumbled upon this photo on one of my daily blogs and was instantly inspired. the crisp white blouse, bold yellow scarf, pops of coral and a whimsical zebra pattern capture everything i'm loving about spring! #mustbuyeverything

i always feel most inspired when i'm just looking through images like this (usually on pinterest or tumblr). even if they are't fashion-related, i'm constantly inspired by photos of cool interiors, graphic design, art, and even nature. where do you find your inspiration?

II emily

April 13, 2012

rso x cf

last night i had the privilege of working with my fellow style gurus at college fashionista to cover the annual IU fashion show. over a dozen students in our fashion design program created looks for the show, and as a first-time viewer, i was completely blown away - not only was the event perfectly executed, but it was the epitome of chic.

my task was to document the entire event using the college fashionista twitter and instagram handles; between hair & makeup, our extra-cute photo booth, stylish attendees and the fashion show itself, i was able to come up with some truly inspirational photos! check them all out here and peep a few of my personal favorites below:

{ how cute is my friend jordan testing out the catwalk? }

{ props from the photo booth }

{ cedric, one of the designers, and my fellow cf style guru, kim }

{ amazing men's fashion by cedric {aka contemporary athletics} }

{ such a fierce fur vest }

{ some colorful attendees! [fun fact: this boy received one of our best dressed awards }

{ we loved this tailored look }

{ more style guru snapshots! }

{ our head style guru, lauren, interviewing the night's only male model }

{ the catwalk is all prepped and ready to go! }

{ we had our own seats reserved in the front row! }

{ our cf calling cards; be sure to follow us on twitter at @CFIndianaU! }

{ edgy plaid pants }

{ black + white + red lips }

{ a few of the designers at the end of the show }

if you're an IU student and missed out on the amazing night, i highly suggest you mark your calendars for next year!

II emily

April 9, 2012

summer accessories

i just found out i am officially spending this summer in NYC working as an intern with condé
 nast. of course, the first thing that came to mind (after OMG, OMG, OMG) was: what will i wear?

i'm not entirely sure what my dress code will entail, but i'm guessing my normal summer uniform of sundresses and sandals is out of the question. instead of investing in an entire new wardrobe, though, i'm hoping some strong (and affordable) accessories will do all the work for me. 
simple outfits with statement-making bags, shoes, belts, watches, etc. are not only easy, but chic in that effortless, oh-i-just-threw-this-together kind of way. the pastels and brights above  are all on my wish list; those perfect pale blue flats would brighten up an all-black ensemble, ditto for the bold clutches, which could double as foolproof evening bags. 
II emily

April 5, 2012

pink pop

{ liz is wearinguniqlo dress, forever21 anorak (old, but a cute option here), hunter boots, ray ban aviators, revlon 'lilac champagne' lipstick }

making a rainy day slightly more bearable with a bright pink lip and nautical dress. 

II emily

April 4, 2012

fall footwear

news: style.com just released their top 10 shoes for the fall season. 
excuse me while i pick my jaw up off of the floor. whoa.
from colorblocking to thigh-high laces, this season is bringing the freshest, most fashion-forward shoes i've seen in a lonnngggg time. the shapes are unique, the fabrics are rich, and i couldn't dream of a better color combination for those funky pierre hardy wedges. which stunners are your favorite(s)?
i have to go with the metallic snakeskin valentino pumps. between the shimmery finish, skinny ankle strap, and perfect chunky heel, these are the shoes i wish i could live in. 

images via style.com

II emily

April 3, 2012

candy-colored inspiration

{ lavender wedges: aldo / pointy heels: aldo / yellow wedges: aldo / pink & yellow necklace: bauble bar / sunglasses: karen walker / monogram necklace: bauble bar / nail polish: essie 'to buy or not to buy' / rope bracelet: bauble bar }

these punchy accessories illustrate my three favorite colors right now: pale lavender, bright pink & neon yellow. they're cheerful, feminine, and shockingly versatile; i wear pieces like this all season long, day and night. i'm still dying for a pair of lavender jeans (like these) - i think they would become my go-to outfit-maker, plus i could transition them into next fall with a chunky sweater and boots!
side note: do you think it's any coincidence that easter is coming up? i'm loving the same hues as my favorite robin's egg candies, and while i'd like to think this is purely me being trend-focused, i know in on some level this was a subconscious reminder that the holiday is approaching :)

II emily