April 20, 2012

made you think

{images via pinterest}

i know, i know. this is a fashion blog - not the place for quotes and feel-good musings! what's going on here?

the thing is, i find inspiration everywhere - not just fashion. (that would make me pretty one-dimensional, wouldn't it?) i love art, interiors, graphic design and, yes, the occasional inspiring quote. (nothing cheesy though.) sometimes a strong quote can affect your attitude for the whole day, or maybe even your whole life. they're worth remembering! for example: when i get particularly good fortunes in my fortune cookies, i save those scraps of paper as little tokens of good luck. i've had one that says "your ambitious nature will help you make a name for yourself" tucked inside my phone case for over a year now. and when i read it, i feel a surge of motivation and excitement for the future and everything that's to come.

i've accumulated these quotes above over the past couple of days and i love how sweet and simple they are. they really say a lot in just a few words! plus, aren't they all so well designed? sometimes typography alone can feel like a piece of art.

i'm thinking of trying more posts like this one about graphic design, DIY ideas, and maybe some more music posts, too. (it's been a while since one of those!) what do you think?

II emily

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