February 26, 2011

what i want RIGHT. NOW.

as all my fellow bloomington students were reminded last weekend, spring is (almost) an imminent reality.  i've slowly started to cultivate an aversion to my once-loved winter staples: I can barely even look at my salty Ugg boots without shivering, and don't even get me started on my annoying waist-tied black puffy coat.  sorry, friends, but... it's over.  i'd rather have chilly feet whilst wearing my favorite minnetonka fringe boots than suffer another day in these hopelessly wintery ensembles.  

while all my spring clothes feel suddenly new and exciting again, i do have a few things on my wish list for the coming season:

1) 70s chic: i'm sorry, but i canNOT restrain myself from telling you this--i CALLED the 70s trend. i was all over the peasant tops, flare jeans, and wooden heels before any of the magazines declared them "fashionable." but for everyone's sake i'll try to be a little more good-natured about it... 
lighter-wash flares  : gap really does have fabulous jeans, and at a great price (especially compared to my favorite true religion, paige, and joe's varieties...). and with an admittedly trendy piece, you definitely don't want to be spending a fortune. and the lighter wash feels really summery and old-school. 
a pretty, flowy blouse : i'm a sucker for anything billowy, and this tucked into your jeans would be adorable.  you just can't go wrong--you can even pair this with skinnies, denim shorts, or a high-waisted skirt. the possibilities are endless! but for the love of sjp, PLEASE tuck it in.
sick wooden-heel wedges : whether you're a fan of heels or not, this truly seals the deal for your 70s ensemble. just imagine jackie from "that 70s show" in one of her perfect, cute outfits: her hight-wasted pants, her tiny blouses, and always the wooden heel shoes.  you know what they say... no pain, no gain. just grin and bear it -- i promise it'll be worth it!
earthy accessories: okay, don't judge me on this one... but i think american eagle outfitters has some really great jewelry lately.  this elephant charm necklace is just... well, charming! i like to layer up to three or four necklaces at a time, and for this look i really do believe the more, the merrier.  try adding this long, wear-with-everything necklace and an armful of wooden and beaded bangles -- instant bohemian chic! 

2) on that same token, i'm dying for an ethereal maxi skirt to pair with an open-knit sweater, as seen at right in the spring 2011 alberta ferretti shows. i've yet to find anything that can really measure up, but who am i kidding... this is pure spring-time magic! 

peace, love, and shopping,

February 25, 2011

alice + olivia

everything about this look is perfect... the textured skirt, tiny embellished belt, boxy fur jacket, amazing peep-toes, sleek hair, winged eye liner, crimson lips.  obsessed!
{ fall 2011 collection | photo via style.com }

February 24, 2011


i may have tweeted about this a few weeks ago, but it simply can't go un-posted.  

i've come to realize my winter wardrobe has taken a turn towards the shockingly uniform, something i always prided myself against. i used to believe i had tons of variety in my wardrobe -- different looks and pieces to mix together to create the most unique and stlyish outfits.  considering i still have all those pieces, i guess that's still true... but i've stopped wearing them.  literally everything i bought/wear this winter is shockingly similar!! what a waste.

life as a busy college student can be hectic, but i hate sacrificing style in the process.  my alternative has been wearing oversize sweaters and tees with leggings and skinny jeans, leather boots, tons of jewelry, and the occasional hat or printed scarf...  and as the winter months lag on, this "go-to" look has taken on a new meaning.  b-o-r-i-n-g.  i had this harsh realization while shopping at one of my most beloved stores: h & m.  feast your eyes -- this is what i grabbed: FIVE oversize sweaters and but one redemption-seeking skirt (which resembles one i already own; nevertheless i bought it. sigh).  how cruel i have been to my closet.

needless to say, my epiphany has gotten me even more excited about spring trends.  i've taken notice of a lot of new looks this season, especially since we are in the midst of fashion week everywhere. but one trend in particular has particularly caught my eye.  i can't get enough of the diffused pastels, messy hair, occasional pop of neon, and unabashed girliness shown in nylon's "love sick" feature in their february issue.  i'm drawn to this maybe because this look is the complete opposite of what i've been sporting all winter, yes, but also because the ultra-feminine, saccharine sweetness seen here is what truly lays at the core of my personal style.  no matter what the season, i'm always a fan of florals, pastels, shimmer, femininity, and soft structure.  what can i say? i have a type.

{ photos via nylon }

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II emily

February 14, 2011

what i want right now...

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a thick embellished bangle for loose tees & destroyed skinnies, a wear-with-everything wrap dress (pouf sleeves an added bonus), sparkle cream-eyeshadow compact, subtle polka dots, cheetah-print sunglasses, flattering nude wedges, more cheetah obsession on a furry bag, and a vintagey crochet-back top ... i'm desperately in need of spring so i can stop drooling over these things and actually buy them.

II emily