April 29, 2014

tuesday blues

anyone who knows me can attest to my denim obsession. i'm always on the hunt for another pair despite the fact that my overstuffed "jeans drawer" recently broke...oops. it did force me to go through my collection and toss out what i don't need (including some pairs that were at least six years old) and in the process, i realized just how over-saturated the denim market is. you almost have to be as obsessive as me to know what really works, what to avoid, and what to spend. however, one brand is here to change that: industry standard, which launched today. designed in new york and made in L.A., industry standard takes the anxiety out of the process. its founder, nicole najafi, works directly with a factory so that a) she could ensure an absolutely perfect fit and b) she cuts outs the middle man, so prices range between $95-105. compared to a lot of brands of equal luxury, that's a steal. 

while i haven't seen the jeans in person, the industry standard instagram has given us a glimpse of just how flattering they are. they are the ultimate basic, free of labels, crazy stitching, or unnatural finishes. they are exactly what jeans are supposed to be: chic, supremely wearable and understated. i've been searching for a good high-waisted style, and i think i found them in the margot high rise.

April 24, 2014

white wash

image via pinterest

surprise, surprise - spring has sprung (woo!) and all i want to wear is white. this happens to me every year for a few reasons: first of all, white is flattering! it makes you look tanner, thinner, and fresher. it wakes up your face! and it's effortlessly chic; much like i live in black during the fall and winter, i live in white during the summer (especially once august hits and i want to burn all the glaring bright colors in my closet). third, i consider a white blouse one of my all-time staples (this outfit is basically my dream uniform) - when i don't know what to wear, i reach for a white blouse.  done. i have about a dozen in my wardrobe, but i recently picked up this silky tank from joe fresh with the cutest ruffled sleeves and am considering stocking up on a few more. (also, completely random find: this sheer-sleeved blouse from american eagle is adorable!) 

i'm also pining for more white jewelry in my life - i have a pair of chunky white-and-crystal chandelier earrings that i probably wear too frequently, and a few white-stone (or pearl) bracelets would look great with a tan. and, finally: white sunnies are back. my tip? choose a glam, oversized shape - wayfarers or mirrored lenses just look cheesy. i'm really into these, which i already own in tortoise, and the quality is amazing.