January 31, 2013

bold step

while the temperatures have dipped back to normal (the low today is a bone-chilling 7°), the past few days of humid, low-60s warmth have had me craving spring -- and spring-appropriate fashion. the sartorial opportunities are endless when you don't have to wear your michelin man-esque down coat everywhere you go (ditto salt-crusted leather boots and uggs). i was still thinking about colorful open-toe sandals, bold printed pants and sleek accessories when i woke up this morning, though i'm disappointed to report my perfect mid-to-low-sixties ensemble will not be seeing the light of day anytime soon. for those of you who are planning ahead, feel free to shop the look above (the sandals in particular are calling my name).

II emily

January 29, 2013

how to layer necklaces

i stumbled upon this image on the j.crew blog and was immediately drawn to how perfectly molly styled j.crew's new "beaded rose" necklace. adding a few gold chains and vintage art-deco crystals helps the whimsical necklace  stand out, but also helps the statement piece feel easy and effortless. an extra-bold necklace can overpower a simple outfit like this, but piling on jewels and chains, while counter-intuitive, actually helps the whole look feel more relaxed. 

this photo is perhaps the best example ever for layering necklaces, which is often easier said than done. i put together a step-by-step guide and included plenty of different pieces to to help you get the look, too.

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January 24, 2013

stephanie lacava

am i obsessed with stephanie lacava? maybe.
not only am i a huge admirer of her work, but she is among my most consistent style icons. 
my current favorite looks:

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January 11, 2013

outfit ideas: 2013

i keep a note in my iPhone titled "outfit ideas," which consists of random sartorial aha! moments that usually happen in the middle of the night. examples include: "wear distressed jeans with new white blouse + red flats + messy bun" or "cut off hems of old skinnies for ragged edges." but for those times i need more visual stimulation, i always turn to pinterest. some of my favorite outfits have been inspired by images i find on the site, including the ones below, which i plan on trying this year with some of the accompanying items...

 II emily

January 4, 2013

etsy spotlight: blushfashion

after falling down the rabbit hole that is etsy, i discovered yet another new obsession: blushfashion. it simultaneously combines my tendency towards loose, soft fabrics, my obsession with beautiful draping, and my love for a good low-cut back. subtle, feminine, flattering, and timeless... what could be bad about that? 

see my favorites below (although i could quite literally live in any dress on the site):

II emily 

January 2, 2013

beauty inspo: dkny spring '13

while i was looking through the spring '13 shows for about the one hundredth time, i stumbled across dkny - which i hadn't taken a good look at til now - and not only are the clothes sleek, modern, and quintessentially new york, but the hair is minimalist perfection. those smooth, ultra-straight-yet-still-touchable locks with the super deep part and swept-over bangs.... if only i could get my hair to do that! 

images via style.com

to get the look, use a lightweight silkifying spray like garnier fructis weightless conditinoing triple nutrition nutrient hair spray on wet hair, then create a deep side part (use the arch of your eyebrow as your guide - just part straight back from there using the end of a comb). then blow dry sections with a rounded board bristle brush, pulling down on the hair to straighten it and ensuring the front pieces lay flat across your forehead. make sure you're using a nozzle, and point the heat down so it doesn't rough up the cuticle of your hair and cause frizz. once it's all dry, you can follow with a straightening cream or serum to ensure everything stays perfect.