March 10, 2011

peachy keen

this week could not have been less productive! with all my exams, projects, and meetings behind me, and multiple activities cancelled {due to spring break being mere days away}, i have been strangely free of obligations.

originally i thought this "free" week would provide me with unending opportunities to get ready for my spring break adventure to siesta key, florida -- important tasks like packing the perfect wardrobe, buying sunscreen and magazines, and getting a much-needed pedicure.  yet none of this ended up happening!  as usual, i lost motivation.  the gloomy, rainy weather this past week didn't help matters, and neither did a disappointing test grade. 

but last night, after the impractical and random decision to lacquer my nails just 20 minutes before going out, i found myself surging with an unparalleled springtime joy.
on a routine trip to target,  i stumbled upon the perfect bright coral polish that i didn't even know i was looking for.  every time i look down at my nails i feel positively summery and invigorated -- it was just what i needed to boost my winter blues and get me excited for a much-needed spring break! it looks especially punchy with classic nautical stripes.  i personally love the traditional saint james meridien II nautical tees (though i haven't splurged on one yet) and j.crew's faded vintage-y coastline stripe pullover

{ps: the polish color is "peach daiquiri" -- coincidence? i think not. hello, florida!}

March 6, 2011

rebecca minkoff

i won't go into detail about what i would do for these geometric {mixed-media} wedges ... but really, i'd basically do anything. 
i'm literally drooling over here! cognac leather, spotted calf hair, sleek cut-outs, stacked wooden heel, gold zipper, peep-toe... i'd trade all of my shoes for these!

II emily

March 4, 2011

green with envy

this morning i woke up with a dishearteningly lackluster complexion.  with only 6 hours of sleep under my belt, i not only had sleepy eyes, dark circles, and messy hair -- but my skin looked even dryer, duller, and paler than usual.  unfortunately i'm used to these depressing mornings; my olive skin tone makes it decidedly more difficult to keep my skin looking glowy (and alive) in the winter.

i must admit, in the past i've resorted to tanning beds to pump some life back into my green-tinted casper skin.  but each time my guilt just grew worse; i can't bring myself to indulge in such an unhealthy habit anymore! and i'm honestly terrified of fake bakes.  so really, what is a girl to do?

luckily my editor at today's teen presented the idea of writing an article specifically for different skin tones -- and naturally i volunteered to cover olive. i tweaked my own skincare regimen and tried to find the perfect balance of products for the difficult complexion, and so far i would say i'm pleased with the results!
you can read the full story here -- but it seems i wrote it just a few days early.  because yesterday, i just so happened to pick up a product that has made the process even easier!

revlon age defying spa face illuminator is just what i needed to add the perfect boost 
of radiance to my skin.  i've been using benefit high beam for years, but in the winter it's almost too pink and too shimmery to use anywhere but my eyes.  i wanted something subtle i could put on my [nonexistent] cheekbones, and i found it with revlon's illuminator in "bare light." now i know i'm only 19 and may not need "age-defying" makeup benefits quite yet... but something in those ingredients keeps this cream super-sheer, gleamy, and moisturizing.  bonus -- it's less than half the price of high beam, and should last even longer!

shine on!
II emily