March 10, 2011

peachy keen

this week could not have been less productive! with all my exams, projects, and meetings behind me, and multiple activities cancelled {due to spring break being mere days away}, i have been strangely free of obligations.

originally i thought this "free" week would provide me with unending opportunities to get ready for my spring break adventure to siesta key, florida -- important tasks like packing the perfect wardrobe, buying sunscreen and magazines, and getting a much-needed pedicure.  yet none of this ended up happening!  as usual, i lost motivation.  the gloomy, rainy weather this past week didn't help matters, and neither did a disappointing test grade. 

but last night, after the impractical and random decision to lacquer my nails just 20 minutes before going out, i found myself surging with an unparalleled springtime joy.
on a routine trip to target,  i stumbled upon the perfect bright coral polish that i didn't even know i was looking for.  every time i look down at my nails i feel positively summery and invigorated -- it was just what i needed to boost my winter blues and get me excited for a much-needed spring break! it looks especially punchy with classic nautical stripes.  i personally love the traditional saint james meridien II nautical tees (though i haven't splurged on one yet) and j.crew's faded vintage-y coastline stripe pullover

{ps: the polish color is "peach daiquiri" -- coincidence? i think not. hello, florida!}

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