June 30, 2010

"jeggings" {pause for reaction}

this is a trend i used to hate, but with a few small tweaks and the addition of back pockets, jeggings have become one of my foremost fashion staples.

unlike the original "jeggings" that were merely cotton leggings with a faux denim pattern, the true religion jeans liz is wearing are made of actual denim. they're super thin and lightweight, have a zipper and button closure, but stretch all over ... just like a pair of trusty leggings. sounds scary, right? - i thought so too. but paired with a long patterned top and heels or flats, they're actually very flattering and versatile! they can be dressed up or down, with shirts tucked in or out. lovely!

here are some similar versions you can check out:

- emily

June 29, 2010

first post!!

hello, blogosphere! this is the first post of the blog, and i would like to say a few words. (this is emily, by the way. liz is most likely shopping..)

ahem -

the first thing you must know about me and liz? we fully admit to loving clothes (and shoes, and accessories, and jewelry...) more than anything else. its true! we wanted to create something that displayed this love of style, originality, and glamour, and being the expressive gemini twins that we are, a blog jam-packed with photos and ideas seemed like the perfect solution to our cooped-up excitement. we're dedicated to loading this page with tons of inspiration and creativity, a healthy dose of playfulness, and even a little bit of humor.

i don't want to totally bore you with this first post, so i think i'll share with you a few of my newest, most favorite things - some of which serve as inspiration for my fashiony choices and some of which clearly don't and are just for fun.

1) this oversize watch. i got it last summer when men's watches were justtt beginning to appear on everyone's radar, and now i see it everywhere! (i'm only a little jaded about that.) but it's true- michael kors created the perfect watch for every trendster. one of my friends has a black one, and yesterday at work a girl came in wearing this version. i fell in love. in real life its not as stark white - more of a creamy white. and next to the gold hardware detailing it's just about perfect.

2) mixing prints. you'll see a lot of it on this blog! every time i successfully mix my wildest florals or stripes i feel so satisfied.. ahh juxtaposition.

3) sweet tea. the restaurant i work at brews countless gallons of this southern goodness, and mixed with a little lemonade, its the perfect summer treat.

4) my twin, liz! you'll hear from her soon.

and while hate is a strong word, i have to use it sometimes. a few things i wish would go away?:

1) indiana weather - yes, that's right... we live in indiana. indianapolis, to be precise, and while it may not seem like the fashion capital of the world, i think there's even more for us to offer from our midwest background. we see things differently than girls in LA or NYC, which is just fine. there's fashion everwhere, in everything, and people need to be exposed to all of it.
-- back to the weather. today was around 90 degrees and sickeningly humid. it really kills the fun of walking around broadripple village when you're sweating through your new embroidered dress.
moving on...

2) the world's overwhelming lack of good cut-off denim shorts. they're either too short, too long, too tight, too distressed, too off-color, or just all-around unflattering. i did find some promising options here at Madewell, but i have yet to bring myself to order them. i'd say its a combination of my hesitance to spend $65+S&H on seven inches of denim and my deep fear that they will disappoint me like all the cut-offs before them.

3) leggings that are too short. they're just unflattering - why even bother? i've recently discovered holes in all of my perfect, ankle-length black cotton leggings, and no where can i find anything that comes close to replacing them. i got all of mine at target, but the only ones i seem to find there now are just mid-calf-length. no, thanks.

ok, enough complaining. back to business! i can't give everything away already, because that would be pointless. this was just a taste of what our blog has to offer! (a very long taste, i've just noticed)
keep reading our hopefully-frequent posts and enjoy :) we would love feedback! let us know of any ideas you have and maybe we can learn something from your unique sense of style, too.

shop on.

- emily

ps - wondering who's who? that's me in the first photo, liz underneath it !