June 30, 2010

"jeggings" {pause for reaction}

this is a trend i used to hate, but with a few small tweaks and the addition of back pockets, jeggings have become one of my foremost fashion staples.

unlike the original "jeggings" that were merely cotton leggings with a faux denim pattern, the true religion jeans liz is wearing are made of actual denim. they're super thin and lightweight, have a zipper and button closure, but stretch all over ... just like a pair of trusty leggings. sounds scary, right? - i thought so too. but paired with a long patterned top and heels or flats, they're actually very flattering and versatile! they can be dressed up or down, with shirts tucked in or out. lovely!

here are some similar versions you can check out:

- emily

1 comment:

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