November 29, 2010

so fab.

i have met very few people in this life that do not at least respect or mildly enjoy the beatles. and those individuals that refuse to admit the sheer and utter genius that was, is, and always will be The Fab Four are obviously lying to themselves, and so i can hardly stand to associate with them. (my close friends know better than to doubt the godliness of john, paul, ringo, and george in my presence.)
i can say with 100% certainty that i was born in the wrong era. i should have been one of those obsessive, lovesick girls clinging to the gates of Shea Stadium in full skirts and curled hair. in fact, i might go so far to say that i was one of those girls in another life (not that i really believe in reincarnation; but in this context it is a rather appealing concept...!). watching footage of beatles concerts--and particularly the reactions of the audience--immediately evokes a sense of nostalgia and joy for me. as much as i enjoy listening to my beatles records in the car, in my room, or on my way to class, nothing in this life will ever compare to a beatles show; i'm sure of it.
if you aren't quite as dedicated to the beatles as i am and don't own every album ever recorded, it's okay. because lucky for you, the beatles are now on iTunes. (my jaw literally dropped when i logged onto the apple website to discover this; i was floored.) most everyone has been acutely aware of the fact that this was simply not the case for so many years, and so this is really quite newsworthy for music fans the world over. i still have mixed feelings about the whole thing (their record label honestly is just selling out...) but what am i going to do about it except spread the word and get everyone to buy beatles music? do it!!

oh, and while you're at it, go buy this awesome tee from urban outfitters; it's been on my christmas wish-list for weeks! i like to think of it as a modern interpretation of a beatles fan's wardrobe.

rock on,

November 27, 2010

give thanks!

i think thanksgiving is usually the same for every family; we all get together, eat the same types of food, watch football, and engage in various lazy-night activities like watching john hughes movies and stealing extra helpings of french silk pie. this is usually how it is for me -- thanksgiving never really brings any surprises.

this year, however, was quite the odd holiday.

this year, instead of the usual group of 12 at my house, all of my family members from chicago drove down -- creating a total of 21 house guests. there was never a dull moment, especially considering the number of little kids scurrying around and everyone's slightly-ridiculous sleeping arrangements.

most notably, the dinner was different than any thanksgiving i've ever seen or heard of! among other things, there were 2 types of stuffing (one was a dark lebanese version with chestnuts and several spices i can't even pronounce), a plate of pineapples, 5 pies, a massive platter of mac & cheese, 2 servings of cranberries, pickled green beans, a massive ham, and 2 turkeys. and yes - one was fried. and it was delicious.

my parents bought a legitimate "butterball brand" turkey fryer specifically for the occasion, and i couldn't help but snap a few pictures when everyone gathered in the garage to watch my dad ceremoniously sink the bird into a vat of sizzling oil. it was quite the opposite of your traditional oven-roasted turkey, and i'd say it was the epitome of a very different (and extremely memorable) holiday. :)

November 17, 2010

oh you flouncy, huh?

if i could choose one thing to splurge on this season, it would undoubtedly be this flouncy, ruffly skirt. yes, it's expensive.... but i honestly think i would wear it every day (or at least i would try... i'm pretty sure liz would put a stop to that madness right away. mostly because she hates to see me repeat outfits but also so that she could wear it.)

i was recently inspired by this post at cupcakes and cashmere. i love how emily paired her chunky zara sweater with a full ballerina skirt! i've always been into juxtaposition, and while i've done my fair share of pairing big sweaters/tops with slim bottoms and tight minis, the full-skirt idea really struck a chord in me. i love how it looks with this fairisle sweater and am dreamily picturing wearing it with all of my chunkiest, slouchiest sweaters - possibly with some tights and boots?

the hardest part will be choosing black or cream. what do you think?

happy mixing!
II emily

November 14, 2010

dying for...

i've never been one to maintain much of an interest in celebrities or their personal lives; i just find the hype of hollywood a little contrived and fake. (sorry i'm not sorry.) of course, this doesn't stop me from watching the red carpet shows on E! every time awards season rolls around. just for a day, i'd give up my holier-than-thou attitude towards fame and fortune in exchange for an afternoon trying on dress after dress after dress... i mean, really. who wouldn't? it's stupid, it's unreal, it's fabulous.
this is probably why my obsession with rachel zoe (pictured above) cultivated so quickly this past summer. i became religious about recording her reality show, the rachel zoe project, and became genuinely fascinated with the lives of RZ, her husband rodger (who is equally stylish in that very metrosexual way, all thanks to zoe, i'm sure), and her employees. yes, she might be a bit too in love with hollywood, but hey- hollywood loves her back. with a client list including demi moore, cameron diaz, kate hudson, and anne hathaway, RZ is doing more than keeping up appearances- she's creating a legacy for herself. and i die for it.
and rachel's style is completley and totally her own. the old, less adventurous me might have been too shy to wear huge sunglasses, turban-style headbands, or bracelets up to my elbows. but all that has changed- i can't wait to interpret RZ's style into my own wardrobe this fall. and she almost makes it too easy with her QVC line! i fell in love with this super-chic vest (i like it in coyote) and this fabulous cuff. not only are they two of the most fabulous, exciting things i've seen this fall, but they're so affordable. upon realizing the beautiful coming together of these items and my love for rachel, i ask myself: do things always end up this perfectly in life?! well, not really. but for rachel, the answer is probably a super chic yes.


November 8, 2010

the blogosphere

{photo via the glamourai}

as a journalism major, i'm supposed to know a lot about being biased. as in, i am never, ever, ever supposed to have this word associated with my name under any circumstances. but you see, i'm a future fashion journalist, and having a strong opinion is what makes someone great at this profession. {ideally, i'll have my own opinion column where i'll discuss my favorite trends, secret beauty products, street style, and lots of other lovely things i will declare my totally-biased love for.}

so, yes, i will be a little biased when i talk about the event pictured here -- coach's holiday 2010 blogger campaign. while i do enjoy coach from time to time, this post isn't really about the brand. rather, i'm writing about the theme of this event: BLOGGERS.

coach, a major heritage accessories label that everyone knows of, has dedicated an entire season--the holiday season, no less--to bloggers!!! as a blogger myself, i must admit i'm very excited (here comes the bias). for the past few years, fashion bloggers in particular have gained an almost guru-like status for sharing their creative, honest love of fashion with the world. these men and women have lived their entire lives loving style and fashion and art and culture and glamour all on their own, and they're finally being recognized.

i've come up with a nice comparison here: these featured bloggers are to the rest of the fashion world what 8th graders in pale pink ugg boots were to me and the rest of the girls in my class in the winter of 2004. they are ahead of the trends, always appear effortless, have seemingly endless closets (i'm envisioning narnia-esque wardrobes that lead to barney's and bergdorf's rather than the mythical f0rest), and an equal amount of class. and all you can say about it is it's not fair!! how do they do it? how can i be like them?! how can i go on living my much-less-glamourous life! and then you feel dramatic and simply must stop the theatrics.

but let it serve as inspiration for you. bloggers have become a big deal. they're speaking at fashion conferences, collaborating with designers, being recognized in Forbes and The New York Times, receiving awards (oh hey emily schuman, bloggie's 2010 'best fashion blog'), and have really just become huge influences for the fashion world. if you aren't a dedicated follower like me (i read countless daily), this should motivate you to find some sites you love! i can assure you i would trust jane, rumi, tavi, scott, and kelly with advice on what to wear this season before any designer or brand. check out some of their blogs to find some inspiration, and keep up with what's next in fashion!

II emily