November 17, 2010

oh you flouncy, huh?

if i could choose one thing to splurge on this season, it would undoubtedly be this flouncy, ruffly skirt. yes, it's expensive.... but i honestly think i would wear it every day (or at least i would try... i'm pretty sure liz would put a stop to that madness right away. mostly because she hates to see me repeat outfits but also so that she could wear it.)

i was recently inspired by this post at cupcakes and cashmere. i love how emily paired her chunky zara sweater with a full ballerina skirt! i've always been into juxtaposition, and while i've done my fair share of pairing big sweaters/tops with slim bottoms and tight minis, the full-skirt idea really struck a chord in me. i love how it looks with this fairisle sweater and am dreamily picturing wearing it with all of my chunkiest, slouchiest sweaters - possibly with some tights and boots?

the hardest part will be choosing black or cream. what do you think?

happy mixing!
II emily

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