November 29, 2010

so fab.

i have met very few people in this life that do not at least respect or mildly enjoy the beatles. and those individuals that refuse to admit the sheer and utter genius that was, is, and always will be The Fab Four are obviously lying to themselves, and so i can hardly stand to associate with them. (my close friends know better than to doubt the godliness of john, paul, ringo, and george in my presence.)
i can say with 100% certainty that i was born in the wrong era. i should have been one of those obsessive, lovesick girls clinging to the gates of Shea Stadium in full skirts and curled hair. in fact, i might go so far to say that i was one of those girls in another life (not that i really believe in reincarnation; but in this context it is a rather appealing concept...!). watching footage of beatles concerts--and particularly the reactions of the audience--immediately evokes a sense of nostalgia and joy for me. as much as i enjoy listening to my beatles records in the car, in my room, or on my way to class, nothing in this life will ever compare to a beatles show; i'm sure of it.
if you aren't quite as dedicated to the beatles as i am and don't own every album ever recorded, it's okay. because lucky for you, the beatles are now on iTunes. (my jaw literally dropped when i logged onto the apple website to discover this; i was floored.) most everyone has been acutely aware of the fact that this was simply not the case for so many years, and so this is really quite newsworthy for music fans the world over. i still have mixed feelings about the whole thing (their record label honestly is just selling out...) but what am i going to do about it except spread the word and get everyone to buy beatles music? do it!!

oh, and while you're at it, go buy this awesome tee from urban outfitters; it's been on my christmas wish-list for weeks! i like to think of it as a modern interpretation of a beatles fan's wardrobe.

rock on,

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