November 14, 2010

dying for...

i've never been one to maintain much of an interest in celebrities or their personal lives; i just find the hype of hollywood a little contrived and fake. (sorry i'm not sorry.) of course, this doesn't stop me from watching the red carpet shows on E! every time awards season rolls around. just for a day, i'd give up my holier-than-thou attitude towards fame and fortune in exchange for an afternoon trying on dress after dress after dress... i mean, really. who wouldn't? it's stupid, it's unreal, it's fabulous.
this is probably why my obsession with rachel zoe (pictured above) cultivated so quickly this past summer. i became religious about recording her reality show, the rachel zoe project, and became genuinely fascinated with the lives of RZ, her husband rodger (who is equally stylish in that very metrosexual way, all thanks to zoe, i'm sure), and her employees. yes, she might be a bit too in love with hollywood, but hey- hollywood loves her back. with a client list including demi moore, cameron diaz, kate hudson, and anne hathaway, RZ is doing more than keeping up appearances- she's creating a legacy for herself. and i die for it.
and rachel's style is completley and totally her own. the old, less adventurous me might have been too shy to wear huge sunglasses, turban-style headbands, or bracelets up to my elbows. but all that has changed- i can't wait to interpret RZ's style into my own wardrobe this fall. and she almost makes it too easy with her QVC line! i fell in love with this super-chic vest (i like it in coyote) and this fabulous cuff. not only are they two of the most fabulous, exciting things i've seen this fall, but they're so affordable. upon realizing the beautiful coming together of these items and my love for rachel, i ask myself: do things always end up this perfectly in life?! well, not really. but for rachel, the answer is probably a super chic yes.


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