November 27, 2010

give thanks!

i think thanksgiving is usually the same for every family; we all get together, eat the same types of food, watch football, and engage in various lazy-night activities like watching john hughes movies and stealing extra helpings of french silk pie. this is usually how it is for me -- thanksgiving never really brings any surprises.

this year, however, was quite the odd holiday.

this year, instead of the usual group of 12 at my house, all of my family members from chicago drove down -- creating a total of 21 house guests. there was never a dull moment, especially considering the number of little kids scurrying around and everyone's slightly-ridiculous sleeping arrangements.

most notably, the dinner was different than any thanksgiving i've ever seen or heard of! among other things, there were 2 types of stuffing (one was a dark lebanese version with chestnuts and several spices i can't even pronounce), a plate of pineapples, 5 pies, a massive platter of mac & cheese, 2 servings of cranberries, pickled green beans, a massive ham, and 2 turkeys. and yes - one was fried. and it was delicious.

my parents bought a legitimate "butterball brand" turkey fryer specifically for the occasion, and i couldn't help but snap a few pictures when everyone gathered in the garage to watch my dad ceremoniously sink the bird into a vat of sizzling oil. it was quite the opposite of your traditional oven-roasted turkey, and i'd say it was the epitome of a very different (and extremely memorable) holiday. :)

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