July 25, 2010

away we go

its been a while since my family took a vacation all together, but this weekend we hit the road and drove up to northern michigan for some much-needed relaxation.

the house we're staying in is a little cottage right on the rocky shore, with windows and glass doors everywhere so you can listen to the waves all day long. i have tons of pictures of the beach, the house, and all the places we've gone so far, but i haven't posted any outfits in a while so i thought i'd share with you one of our bikinis from yesterday.

there's a sun deck right outside the room liz & i share (which also happens to be painted hot pink!! love it) so we decided to catch some rays. liz opted for an eternally classic brown-and-black two-piece; now i know you might be against that "forbidden" color combination, but trust me, i used to be right there with you. that is, until tim gunn told marie claire "I find that few looks are quite as chic as brown and black together." he is a god. (he also added that when mixing the two neutrals, the brown must be a deep chocolate color, as shown.) when done just right, it does look very posh:

{liz's suit: strapless top - j.crew ; ruffled bottoms - target}

try brown and black together this fall and pile on the accessories for a chic, minimalist look. black leggings + brown leather riding boots would be perfect!

style on,

July 23, 2010

jewel box, continued

i have a tragic problem in the way that i always think the grass is greener on the other side. for example, in the lagging winter month of february, i can't imagine anything better than wearing a sundress on a humid summer day -- but once august rolls around, i suddenly long for baggy sweaters, leggings, furry ugg boots, and cozy winter hats. once this actually becomes a reality, i kick myself for actually wanting snow and sleet and dried-out hair and all that comes with bloomington winters.

one major advantage to cold weather that i really won't regret is the addition of heavier jewelry. i love the idea of wearing a super chunky necklace (like the chain one from j.crew in my last post) with a slouchy sweater and leather boots, or an oversize cluster ring with a striped cardigan and dark denim. you just can't wear those things in the summer!

this all made me realize that in my last post about our jewelry fetish i didn't share any lovely links! slacking on the job. here are some of the pieces i'm hoping will get me through the worst of the colder months, and hopefully you too:

pile it on!

jewel box

it's quite the understatement to say liz & i love jewelry.... we actually feel naked without at least five pieces on. my ears are so lonely without at least some whimsical studs, and a day never goes by where i don't have a bracelet or two (or seven) on my wrists. liz is especially vocal about her jewelry fetish, and will go to almost any length to get her hands on a beautiful statement piece.

this is what our collection currently looks like (not including the random pieces we have haphazardly lying around our house...):

and here are a few standout pieces - liz recently scored this unbelievably heavy necklace at j.crew for about 50% off. she was obsessed with it forever but never brought herself to buy it. it literally weighs a few pounds, i almost get a neck-ache when i wear it !!!

and this anthropologie necklace was a bargain, and its just so pretty :) i love wearing it with a simple white tee, distressed jeans, and a sharp black blazer.

unfortunately our stock doesn't end there... here is liz's heaping jewelry box that sits in between some of those giant necklace/bracelet stands:

{do you see that little dark green bangle hanging off the front edge of the box? that's my absolute favorite piece of all time - it's an herm├Ęs enamel bracelet my mom bought in paris in the eighties. she and my dad went to europe just a few years after they got married and he bought it for her! she kind of passed it on to me and liz, and its a daily battle over who gets to wear it. i love that it has a cute story behind it, and it feels so classic!}


July 20, 2010


there's no way this weekend could be summed up in one post... but i'm going to try anyways.

pitchfork 2010 was amazing! despite the near-100-degree weather in union park, chicago, thousands of music-lovers ventured out to see bands like broken social scene, major lazer, lcd soundsystem, wolf parade, neon indian, and about 40 other crowd-pleasers.

one advantage of the extreme temperature was seeing how the hip pitchfork crowd dressed to beat the heat. one of my favorite outfits was tiny blue tap shorts, a loose pale pink tank (tucked in & layered over a white lace bandeau), tan ankle-tie flats, and cream ray-ban clubmaster shades (i literally saw at least 100 ray-bans this weekend). it was soo american apparel/vintage 90s/understated glam.

as for me and liz, i opted for a white t-shirt dress from h&m, thick brown braided belt, a wrist-full of bangles, flat sandals, and my new black ray-ban cats 5000 shades. liz wore an army-green tank dress from forever 21 with this lavender crystal headband from anthropologie and her usual piled-on jewelry.

i also saw a lot of girls wearing high-waisted shorts with bikini tops and toms shoes... comfy and cool! i wish i'd gotten some pictures of the outfits i saw, but i was entirely focused on the shows - with that said, my camera isn't the best, but i got some decent shots:




>> and here's a video of them at pitchfork! it became a huge dance party

now all i have to look forward to is lollapalooza 2010! it's august 6-8 in grant park and will be like an intense version of pitchfork (over 100 bands, massive stages 1 mile apart..) i'm already preparing for it -- and deciding what i'm going to wear.

style (and listen) on

July 13, 2010

thank you, food pyramid

for lack of a better metaphor, we're force-fed an endless string of cliches concerning our food, health, and lifestyle every single day. "eat five servings of vegetables per day" and "the more colorful your plate, the better," etc.

while i'm usually one to ignore annoying rules, last night both of these silly health-nut sayings applied. my mom and i made a delicious salad that was so easy i nearly kicked myself for not coming up with it on my own! and although my brother will, who lacks any sense of adventure when it comes to food, declined our new dish, i think its something almost everyone can enjoy.

the bright colors and undeniable healthiness are just an added bonus to the bright summery flavors, and i personally think avocado makes any food even better.

we got the recipe out of this month's instyle magazine:

tomato, avocado & red onion salad (serves 6)


1 pint chery tomatoes, cut into wedges
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp e.v.o.o. [extra virgin olive oil] + some for drizzling
3 tbsp red wine vinegar
3 Hass avocados
freshly ground black pepper
fine sea salt


1. in a large bowl, combine tomatoes, onion slices, and a big pinch of salt, oil, and vinegar. gently toss and divide among serving plates.
2. halve, pit, peel and slice avocados; divide among plates.
3. sprinkle each plate with a small pinch of salt and drizzle with olive oil. finish with a few grinds of black pepper just before serving.

bon appetit!

July 12, 2010

bragging rights

as a true lover of fashion and a self-proclaimed shopping addict, i know as well as anyone how good it feels to have a very, very nice thing. the luxury of slipping on a pair of designer shades convinces me i have no business wearing $10 frames -- yet shortly after, i very suddenly realize sunglasses are all pretty much the same and that its the attitude that counts. similarly, i cherish all of my embellished tops from anthropologie, snuggly cashmere sweaters from j.crew, and my array of expensive denim -- but at the end of the day, nothing (really, nothing, no matter how fabulous) is as good as a great bargain.

this sentiment translates to some of my most luxurious things, including a silk joie top i bought for 50% off at saks, my beloved jeweled kate spade flats i got during one of nordstrom's legendary sales, and a white eyelet bcbg dress i got for 70% off two years ago.

but the real kicker is finding things that are cheap to begin with. this can be even trickier than scoring the best sales at my favorite shops, especially when you're extremely picky like me. today i gave it a shot and went to a mall with liz and one of our best friends, betsy. it was chock full of bargain stores like forever21, charlotte rousse, and h&m. i left with three bags full of new clothes, and the best part? i spent less than $50.

i hadn't set foot in charlotte russe in well over a year, but was pleasantly surprised when i found several things i liked, all of which were incredibly priced. there were several of-the-moment lacy tops, bohemian dresses, and edgy jewelry. forever 21 delivered as usual, and h&m offered more things than i could bring myself to buy. liz found a great black dress with crystal detail on the shoulder, and i found a floaty white t-shirt dress that will be perfect for the chicago heat this weekend at the pitchfork festival.

if you haven't scoured the racks at some of these stores recently, i strongly encourage you to do so! sometimes you have to dig, but you'll always find a gem you simply have to buy. another plus: its perfectly okay to brag endlessly about what you buy. i love telling my friends all about my cheap shopping trips, and especially enjoy informing perfect strangers that i got the dress they just complimented for $19 at forever 21. so thrilling, and i still have money to spare for a cookie at mrs. fields!

i'm off to make a tomato, avocado, and red onion salad for dinner, then might just have to visit my favorite vintage store to stay in the bargain-hunting spirit....

happy shopping!

July 11, 2010

HELLO, lover.

As I'm sure you are all devastatingly aware, I have yet to post anything that is undeniably, explicitly my own. Em's gone a bit crazy over this new blog thing, to say the least... Anyway, I think it's only fitting for my very first post to be about my favorite things this summer. Em's already posted a few different things on the subject, but we certainly have our own unique senses of style--this will become evident in the very near future. But just to give you a taste...

1) Best Coast - not only am I obsessed with the retro feel of their still-current-sounding music (my favorite's "this is real"), but I fell in love with the band mates themselves when I saw them perform live at the Indiana University CultureShock concert this past April. They're one of those bands that are almost better live; lead singer Bethany Cosentino was the epitome of hipster chic as she glided onstage in a black mini dress, camel-colored grandpa sweater, and heels, with nothing more than a "sorry we're late" before she started rocking out "sun was high." (here's a link to the actual performance!!) almost more than jamming to their music with the windows down this summer, i'm looking forward to copying that minimalist outfit in the fall.

2) Bloomington, IN - Okay, so I'm slightly biased being a student at IU. But for the few of you who are somehow unaware of this irrefutable fact, or perhaps just don't have the same appreciation for the great Midwest as I do: Bloomington is near perfection. I personally believe it's at its ultimate greatness in the fall, but summer in "Blooming-town" is so beautiful even my suddenly-intense allergies can't keep me away. Just walking around campus on a sunny day makes those 75-minute-long lectures completely bearable, and making 15-page study guides for class while lounging in the Wright Quad courtyard is secretly enjoyable. But if it weren't for my townie friends (for those products of the Baby Boom, you mi
ght remember them as "cutters"), there's just no way I'd have this almost spiritual admiration of B-Town. These boys--I'll call them J and S--have taken me to an old fire tower (>>) to look out over the wooded hills; to the "cut-out," where limestone was blown away to create giant cliffs perfect for climbing; to the quarries, where water fills up in the summer--perfect for reckless jumps into the basin, which I have yet to actually experience... These townies made my freshman year. And it doesn't hurt that they party even harder than we do. (Oops! Forget I said that.)

3) Funky-fresh shades: I've come to the conclusion that expensive sunglasses are just not worth it, at least for me. This is coming from someone with years and years of experience, with only a scratched, hanging-by-a-thread pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs to prove for it. And with some of the biggest events of the year--namely, Pitchfork and Lollapalooza--coming up, I've decided cheap, whimsical sunglasses are going to be my best bet for the future. And I mean, you can't go buy a pair of floral-print sunglasses for anything more than $20 and feel good about yourself, can you? Or some lime green aviators that are equal parts Kanye and Tom Cruise? How about a sexy-sweet pair of cat-eyed leopard-print beauties? Negative. I'm not saying a good pair of classic sunglasses isn't a good investment; it's just not as much fun.

4) Last but not least... BLAZERS. I've been a fan of the trend probably since seventh grade--granted, my first ever "suit jacket" was green seersucker with three-quarter-length sleeves, but it was a start nonetheless. Hey, I have to hand it to myself--I was pretty hip, wasn't I? Anyway, I've since graduated to the more classic style for this fashion staple, preferring a slightly roomier cut in the torso with rolled-up sleeves. Both of mine are from Urban Outfitters, per usual; I purchased this one in charcoal last fall and wore it to death during the transition from summer to fall (and am still wearing it). Then I decided the black was an absolute necessity when it went on sale--it's like they do these things just to tempt me... But the purchases have paid off, as I try extra hard to pair absolutely anything with a blazer--lately I've been sporting them with floral mini skirts at night, black or navy shorts during the day. I especially like the idea of wearing a blazer out to a party once school starts, but those frats can get pretty wild... and I, for lack of a better hyperbole, want to PUKE at the thought of someone doing just that all over one of my beloved jackets.

July 10, 2010

6 days until the best weekend of our lives!

as you may know, the annual pitchfork music festival is coming up - it's july 16-18 in union park, chicago. as avid music fans and seasoned concert-goers, liz & i are making the trip to chi-town this year for the festivities, and i personally couldn't be more excited.

the lineup this year is incredible, but if the indie music scene isn't your cup of tea, you might want to look elsewhere. one of my favorite bands performing at pitchfork is sleigh bells, a duo comprised of alexis, a former elementary school teacher (obviously the coolest one ever), and derek, formerly part of a hardcore band from florida. they're infamous for crazy-loud shows and an indescribable hype - their demos had taken over the music blogosphere months before their album was even released. here's an abc news special about the talented pair:

here's my favorite track, titled "beach girls" - its one of the original attention-getting demos, and is actually revamped on the debut album as the song "kids."

enjoy the tunes and have a fabulous sunday!

July 9, 2010

just like minnie

it goes without saying that femininity is one of the main components of our personal style, and liz & i both love to get a little girly from time to time -- but not by wearing a baby pink mini or crowning ourselves with a tiara. rather, we'll paint our nails seafoam green, don a lacy top, or occasionally wing out our eyeliner.

this bow-print cooperative dress we found at urban outfitters is the epitome of our girly-chic tendencies -- slightly-puffed sleeves, a nipped-in waist, rich coral hue, super-short hemline, and a bow pattern that brings to mind the adorable minnie mouse. paired with some jeweled kate spade flats we scored on sale at nordstrom, its become one of our favorite (and easiest) outfits.

you can still get the dress here at urbanoutfitters.com for $58 - quite a bargain considering how much you'll wear it. and if you like the shape but aren't sure if you're quite ready for the all-over minnie print, they have the same dress in solid navy as well.

have a great weekend!
- emily

July 4, 2010


when a woman hears "LBD," she doesn't even need to process what exactly this acronym stands for. every classy lady needs her trusty LBD - little black dress, boys - but as a midwestern college girl who spends her days lounging on the porch, buying nail polish at cvs, and going to music festivals, a black dress is the last thing i will reach for this summer.

instead, i have an LWD - a little white dress. when in doubt, i reach for this forever21 number i bought at the beginning of the summer and have since worn at least twenty times. if i'm worried about the scorching indiana heat, want something comfy and easy, or just can't settle on a decent outfit, this embroidered ivory dress never lets me down! it always feels fresh and breezy - just what i need on a fashion-frustration day. i can dress it up or down, and can accessorize it in countless different ways so it never feels tired. i truly believe a little white (or cream) dress is an everyday summer essential.

one of the best parts? this dress cost me around $25 - and while i hope it lasts forever, i'm never bothered by the nagging fear of wearing it to death or, god forbid, ruining it in some way. (in fact, i almost want to go back to forever21 and see if i can buy one (or two) more to save for next summer...)

here are some other great LWD options for you!

Free People Lace Trim Shift Dress ($118.00) -- a bit of a splurge, but i think it would be worth it! {just look at that detail at the hem...}

- emily