July 12, 2010

bragging rights

as a true lover of fashion and a self-proclaimed shopping addict, i know as well as anyone how good it feels to have a very, very nice thing. the luxury of slipping on a pair of designer shades convinces me i have no business wearing $10 frames -- yet shortly after, i very suddenly realize sunglasses are all pretty much the same and that its the attitude that counts. similarly, i cherish all of my embellished tops from anthropologie, snuggly cashmere sweaters from j.crew, and my array of expensive denim -- but at the end of the day, nothing (really, nothing, no matter how fabulous) is as good as a great bargain.

this sentiment translates to some of my most luxurious things, including a silk joie top i bought for 50% off at saks, my beloved jeweled kate spade flats i got during one of nordstrom's legendary sales, and a white eyelet bcbg dress i got for 70% off two years ago.

but the real kicker is finding things that are cheap to begin with. this can be even trickier than scoring the best sales at my favorite shops, especially when you're extremely picky like me. today i gave it a shot and went to a mall with liz and one of our best friends, betsy. it was chock full of bargain stores like forever21, charlotte rousse, and h&m. i left with three bags full of new clothes, and the best part? i spent less than $50.

i hadn't set foot in charlotte russe in well over a year, but was pleasantly surprised when i found several things i liked, all of which were incredibly priced. there were several of-the-moment lacy tops, bohemian dresses, and edgy jewelry. forever 21 delivered as usual, and h&m offered more things than i could bring myself to buy. liz found a great black dress with crystal detail on the shoulder, and i found a floaty white t-shirt dress that will be perfect for the chicago heat this weekend at the pitchfork festival.

if you haven't scoured the racks at some of these stores recently, i strongly encourage you to do so! sometimes you have to dig, but you'll always find a gem you simply have to buy. another plus: its perfectly okay to brag endlessly about what you buy. i love telling my friends all about my cheap shopping trips, and especially enjoy informing perfect strangers that i got the dress they just complimented for $19 at forever 21. so thrilling, and i still have money to spare for a cookie at mrs. fields!

i'm off to make a tomato, avocado, and red onion salad for dinner, then might just have to visit my favorite vintage store to stay in the bargain-hunting spirit....

happy shopping!

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