July 25, 2010

away we go

its been a while since my family took a vacation all together, but this weekend we hit the road and drove up to northern michigan for some much-needed relaxation.

the house we're staying in is a little cottage right on the rocky shore, with windows and glass doors everywhere so you can listen to the waves all day long. i have tons of pictures of the beach, the house, and all the places we've gone so far, but i haven't posted any outfits in a while so i thought i'd share with you one of our bikinis from yesterday.

there's a sun deck right outside the room liz & i share (which also happens to be painted hot pink!! love it) so we decided to catch some rays. liz opted for an eternally classic brown-and-black two-piece; now i know you might be against that "forbidden" color combination, but trust me, i used to be right there with you. that is, until tim gunn told marie claire "I find that few looks are quite as chic as brown and black together." he is a god. (he also added that when mixing the two neutrals, the brown must be a deep chocolate color, as shown.) when done just right, it does look very posh:

{liz's suit: strapless top - j.crew ; ruffled bottoms - target}

try brown and black together this fall and pile on the accessories for a chic, minimalist look. black leggings + brown leather riding boots would be perfect!

style on,

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