July 23, 2010

jewel box

it's quite the understatement to say liz & i love jewelry.... we actually feel naked without at least five pieces on. my ears are so lonely without at least some whimsical studs, and a day never goes by where i don't have a bracelet or two (or seven) on my wrists. liz is especially vocal about her jewelry fetish, and will go to almost any length to get her hands on a beautiful statement piece.

this is what our collection currently looks like (not including the random pieces we have haphazardly lying around our house...):

and here are a few standout pieces - liz recently scored this unbelievably heavy necklace at j.crew for about 50% off. she was obsessed with it forever but never brought herself to buy it. it literally weighs a few pounds, i almost get a neck-ache when i wear it !!!

and this anthropologie necklace was a bargain, and its just so pretty :) i love wearing it with a simple white tee, distressed jeans, and a sharp black blazer.

unfortunately our stock doesn't end there... here is liz's heaping jewelry box that sits in between some of those giant necklace/bracelet stands:

{do you see that little dark green bangle hanging off the front edge of the box? that's my absolute favorite piece of all time - it's an herm├Ęs enamel bracelet my mom bought in paris in the eighties. she and my dad went to europe just a few years after they got married and he bought it for her! she kind of passed it on to me and liz, and its a daily battle over who gets to wear it. i love that it has a cute story behind it, and it feels so classic!}


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