July 23, 2010

jewel box, continued

i have a tragic problem in the way that i always think the grass is greener on the other side. for example, in the lagging winter month of february, i can't imagine anything better than wearing a sundress on a humid summer day -- but once august rolls around, i suddenly long for baggy sweaters, leggings, furry ugg boots, and cozy winter hats. once this actually becomes a reality, i kick myself for actually wanting snow and sleet and dried-out hair and all that comes with bloomington winters.

one major advantage to cold weather that i really won't regret is the addition of heavier jewelry. i love the idea of wearing a super chunky necklace (like the chain one from j.crew in my last post) with a slouchy sweater and leather boots, or an oversize cluster ring with a striped cardigan and dark denim. you just can't wear those things in the summer!

this all made me realize that in my last post about our jewelry fetish i didn't share any lovely links! slacking on the job. here are some of the pieces i'm hoping will get me through the worst of the colder months, and hopefully you too:

pile it on!

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