July 11, 2010

HELLO, lover.

As I'm sure you are all devastatingly aware, I have yet to post anything that is undeniably, explicitly my own. Em's gone a bit crazy over this new blog thing, to say the least... Anyway, I think it's only fitting for my very first post to be about my favorite things this summer. Em's already posted a few different things on the subject, but we certainly have our own unique senses of style--this will become evident in the very near future. But just to give you a taste...

1) Best Coast - not only am I obsessed with the retro feel of their still-current-sounding music (my favorite's "this is real"), but I fell in love with the band mates themselves when I saw them perform live at the Indiana University CultureShock concert this past April. They're one of those bands that are almost better live; lead singer Bethany Cosentino was the epitome of hipster chic as she glided onstage in a black mini dress, camel-colored grandpa sweater, and heels, with nothing more than a "sorry we're late" before she started rocking out "sun was high." (here's a link to the actual performance!!) almost more than jamming to their music with the windows down this summer, i'm looking forward to copying that minimalist outfit in the fall.

2) Bloomington, IN - Okay, so I'm slightly biased being a student at IU. But for the few of you who are somehow unaware of this irrefutable fact, or perhaps just don't have the same appreciation for the great Midwest as I do: Bloomington is near perfection. I personally believe it's at its ultimate greatness in the fall, but summer in "Blooming-town" is so beautiful even my suddenly-intense allergies can't keep me away. Just walking around campus on a sunny day makes those 75-minute-long lectures completely bearable, and making 15-page study guides for class while lounging in the Wright Quad courtyard is secretly enjoyable. But if it weren't for my townie friends (for those products of the Baby Boom, you mi
ght remember them as "cutters"), there's just no way I'd have this almost spiritual admiration of B-Town. These boys--I'll call them J and S--have taken me to an old fire tower (>>) to look out over the wooded hills; to the "cut-out," where limestone was blown away to create giant cliffs perfect for climbing; to the quarries, where water fills up in the summer--perfect for reckless jumps into the basin, which I have yet to actually experience... These townies made my freshman year. And it doesn't hurt that they party even harder than we do. (Oops! Forget I said that.)

3) Funky-fresh shades: I've come to the conclusion that expensive sunglasses are just not worth it, at least for me. This is coming from someone with years and years of experience, with only a scratched, hanging-by-a-thread pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs to prove for it. And with some of the biggest events of the year--namely, Pitchfork and Lollapalooza--coming up, I've decided cheap, whimsical sunglasses are going to be my best bet for the future. And I mean, you can't go buy a pair of floral-print sunglasses for anything more than $20 and feel good about yourself, can you? Or some lime green aviators that are equal parts Kanye and Tom Cruise? How about a sexy-sweet pair of cat-eyed leopard-print beauties? Negative. I'm not saying a good pair of classic sunglasses isn't a good investment; it's just not as much fun.

4) Last but not least... BLAZERS. I've been a fan of the trend probably since seventh grade--granted, my first ever "suit jacket" was green seersucker with three-quarter-length sleeves, but it was a start nonetheless. Hey, I have to hand it to myself--I was pretty hip, wasn't I? Anyway, I've since graduated to the more classic style for this fashion staple, preferring a slightly roomier cut in the torso with rolled-up sleeves. Both of mine are from Urban Outfitters, per usual; I purchased this one in charcoal last fall and wore it to death during the transition from summer to fall (and am still wearing it). Then I decided the black was an absolute necessity when it went on sale--it's like they do these things just to tempt me... But the purchases have paid off, as I try extra hard to pair absolutely anything with a blazer--lately I've been sporting them with floral mini skirts at night, black or navy shorts during the day. I especially like the idea of wearing a blazer out to a party once school starts, but those frats can get pretty wild... and I, for lack of a better hyperbole, want to PUKE at the thought of someone doing just that all over one of my beloved jackets.

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