July 10, 2010

6 days until the best weekend of our lives!

as you may know, the annual pitchfork music festival is coming up - it's july 16-18 in union park, chicago. as avid music fans and seasoned concert-goers, liz & i are making the trip to chi-town this year for the festivities, and i personally couldn't be more excited.

the lineup this year is incredible, but if the indie music scene isn't your cup of tea, you might want to look elsewhere. one of my favorite bands performing at pitchfork is sleigh bells, a duo comprised of alexis, a former elementary school teacher (obviously the coolest one ever), and derek, formerly part of a hardcore band from florida. they're infamous for crazy-loud shows and an indescribable hype - their demos had taken over the music blogosphere months before their album was even released. here's an abc news special about the talented pair:

here's my favorite track, titled "beach girls" - its one of the original attention-getting demos, and is actually revamped on the debut album as the song "kids."

enjoy the tunes and have a fabulous sunday!

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