June 28, 2011

current favorites

last week after finishing a 6-week study abroad program in florence, liz & our 2 friends betsy & izzy came to visit me in londonwe basically spent an entire week shopping at markets, eating delicious food, wandering around london, sightseeing for hours, and finding the best croissants! i was so glad they were able to stop by on their way back home to the usa - london has really become my home away from home. 

throughout the busy week izzy literally snapped hundreds of photos. after looking at all of them, i realized this one {above} perfectly displays me and liz's 2 most coveted pieces right now: 1) a denim shirt to be worn as a jacket and 2) a bright necklace to throw on with any outfit.

liz's denim shirt (from target!) looks just as amazing thrown over her concert tee as it does with an ultra-girly dress.  it's the perfect soft layer to add some unexpected interest, and i'd have to estimate liz wears it nearly as much as i wear my new favorite necklace.

which brings me to this predicament. i'd been obsessed with the j.crew piece below for weeks -- i knew it would be a great pop of color in my otherwise neutral jewelry collection. but the $98 price tag quickly deterred an impulse buy...

isn't it lovely?

luckily, i found a strikingly similar necklace at the spitalfields market here in london  -- and i've already worn it to death. the seafoam color is perfect for mixing with other pastels (like the pale pink chiffon skirt i'm wearing) as well as bolder, brighter colors or soft neutrals, like the white polka-dot tee.  it's also great for layering with other necklaces; i love wearing mine with my favorite multi-strand gold chain or a tangle of tiny charm necklaces.

what's your favorite piece right now?

June 6, 2011


if you weren't aware of the newest liberty london & nike collaboration, i suggest you do some research. 

the famous london department store teamed up with everyone's favorite sports brand for some seriously fabulous sneakers -- and since getting to london, i couldn't wait to see them in person. i assumed it would be a major struggle getting my hands on these beauties, but i was happily surprised to find them in some of my favorite london shoe stores (including topshop).  not only do they have an amazing aqua floral pattern, but they're the perfect comfy summer shoe for concerts, festivals, etc.  

luckily my friend and flatmate elle felt the same way! today we ventured out in the rain on a diehard mission to find our dream sneakers, and we left the tiny camden store victorious -- me with the low-top version, elle with the retro high-tops. i couldn't be more excited to wear these with little dresses, leggings, skinny jeans, cutoffs -- literally anything!

i was so excited about about these shoes, in fact, that they inspired my latest college magazine article, which goes in-depth about unique floral pieces for summer.  instead of a simple floral sundress, try something different -- like these floral sneakers, a floral bustier, or a daisy chain headband. they're the perfect update on the longstanding summer floral trend!

II emily

June 2, 2011

st. vincent

two posts in one day! now that's what i call dedication. really i've just had time to post all the exciting things i found for once! first there were those glittery pumps (which still make me swoooon) (and which i could never, ever afford) (but it's fun to look, right?) and now the announcement of a new st. vincent album.

if you've never listened to the genius that is st. vincent, head on over to the hype machine and get listening to my favorite album, actor

favorite tracks:
#2 - save me from what i want
#6 - laughing with a mouth of blood
#7 - marrow

... literally every song on her album is amazing. it's hard to pick favorites!

her newest album, called strange mercy, is due september 13. i'm counting down the days.

listen on
II emily

this might just be my perfect shoe.