June 2, 2011

st. vincent

two posts in one day! now that's what i call dedication. really i've just had time to post all the exciting things i found for once! first there were those glittery pumps (which still make me swoooon) (and which i could never, ever afford) (but it's fun to look, right?) and now the announcement of a new st. vincent album.

if you've never listened to the genius that is st. vincent, head on over to the hype machine and get listening to my favorite album, actor

favorite tracks:
#2 - save me from what i want
#6 - laughing with a mouth of blood
#7 - marrow

... literally every song on her album is amazing. it's hard to pick favorites!

her newest album, called strange mercy, is due september 13. i'm counting down the days.

listen on
II emily

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