July 31, 2011

flora & fauna

this heat wave is still sucking the life out of me... luckily i've had this little floral dress for every unbearably humid occasion.  

{ topshop dress, bdg wedges }

{ roberto coin key necklace, j.crew crystal necklace, michael kors watch, david yurman bracelet }

II emily

July 29, 2011

falling forward

as you might imagine, i am suffering the same dreaded temptations to shop for the newest fall items as my rueful twin. i chalk it up to the fact that we share a wardrobe and are both a bit hopelessly sick of the warm-weather essentials for which we had once pined... it's a curse, isn't it? - we complain about the exquisite form of torture that only Indiana humidity could provide, but once the temperatures fall below 50, we kick ourselves for ever taking the warmth and sunshine for granted.  well, whatever.  i'm not in the mood to be mature and change my perspective on the world in the context of mother nature, sooo here's my fall wish-list! just a random sampling of items, really... eek. so much fun to be had! tights and boots and dolman sleeves, oh my!
p.s. just so you know, i WILL own this shearling coat. and i WILL wear it to class. i am way, way too obsessed with it. that and turband headbands.


July 28, 2011

desperate times

it's 100 degree days like today that make me crave fall weather.  a crisp breeze, golden leaves (yeah, i can rhyme) and oversized sweaters are all i can think about lately -- and what better way to embrace the new season than to peruse the latest offerings of boots? preferably {ankle boots} with chunky heels, neutral colors and unexpected details (like buckles and two-tone elastic siding):

July 21, 2011

seriously... SERIOUSLY?!

okay, i apologize for the dramatic title. but as i perused the stella & dot website, i honestly was stunned by how beautifully awesome their newest items are.  ever since my aunt began selling their jewelry, i've relied on S&D (resist the urge to swap the "&" for the word "my" right there...) for reasonably priced, unique jewelry. a self-proclaimed jewelry addict (peep a now very out-of-date collection here), it takes a lot to excite me accessory-wise; but let me tell you, stella & dot has done it! they've done it, i say! 

by now i find it hard to believe that all my friends haven't caught on to the company's immortal genius, so i figured i better enlighten ye of obliviousness rather than keep these goodies to myself. here are the pieces that i just really, reallllllyyyyy! want:

{marchesa - the awesomest mix of chains, antique-looking crystals, and earthy turquoise beads. obsessed to an absolutely unhealthy level.}

{bamboleo - pink jade, more turquoise stones, antique chains AND crystals?! NOOOO. but yes.}
{btw, upon seeing this necklace i uttered aloud, "seriously?!" to my mother and em. hence the title for this post.}

{metropolitan mixed chains - love the chains and LOVE the flowers. i will never, ever retire my florals, despite my edgiest and most noble efforts.}
{renegade cluster - absolutely needed for future arm parties... i love this subtle take on the violent spike trend!}

P.S. if you're trying to get at any of the above bangin items (or anything else from stelladot.com, for that matter), let me know! you can order through my stylin' aunt!


coral crush

as you're fully aware after reading this recent post, my go-to summer uniform has lately included loose, high-waisted shorts.  one of my favorite pairs in my growing collection is this chiffon coral pair from topshop -- they almost look like a skirt when i stand still! besides the easy, breezy fit, i love this color -- coral has long been a favorite of mine, especially in warmer months.  and when paired with nautical stripes, bright shoes, and lots of contrasting accessories, the cheery color really pops.

{ worn with chanel sunglasses, topshop sandals, and urban outfitters tee }

{my favorite marc by marc jacobs tortoiseshell barrette} 

{ arm party! from left: david yurman bangle, topshop ottoman hands bracelet, forever 21 chain necklace [worn as a bracelet], vintage crystal bracelet, j.crew bangle }

II emily

July 20, 2011

a new spectrum

a few years ago, my best friend betsy and i decided we wanted to change up our boring brown hair.  enter:  one packet of grape kool-aid, a tea kettle, and 15 minutes of dunking our hair into boiling water.  

before you freak out and resolve to never trust my taste or judgment again, i'll assure you that no, we did not dye our entire heads purple! (we weren't that bored.) we just chose 1 strand - mine was behind my left ear so i could conceal it if need be.  the result wasn't a shocking purple (since we didn't bleach the hair first); instead, we had a noticeably bright pop of color that we could choose to hide under the rest of our hair or expose in a messy ponytail.

after re-dying the purple strand several times, i eventually got lazy and let it grow out. (that kool-aid is permanent, contrary to popular belief!) similarly, the thought of putting color back in my hair hadn't crossed my mind for over a year -- until now.  i recently spotted the images below and was intrigued by what seemed to be the next step for the ombré hair trend (which you know i'm a huge fan of). while the rainbow tips at first seem a bit shocking, i really just can't get over how downright pretty they are; pretty in a refreshingly different way.  i can assure you that if i was blonde i would have already painted my hair with pastels like aqua and pink - it works so well for pale blonde hair! sadly i don't think this trend  would work quite as well on brunettes like me... what do you think? 

color on!
II emily

July 18, 2011

get shorty

the best things in life are ironic, which explains my sudden craving for shorts. after becoming thoroughly dissatisfied with my collection of tiny denim cut-offs and subpar cotton styles, i'd given up and decided that was it. shorts were just not my thing.  i vowed i would only allow myself to wear flattering skirts and dresses for the entirety of the (90-degree) summer season.

...that is, until i stumbled upon a pair of loose floral shorts at topshop (which are now almost worn out). the chiffon material, flowy shape, scalloped edges, and high-waisted silhouette made them the perfect pair.  i stood stunned in the dressing room - these were nothing like the leg-shortening shorts of years past.  these were actually... chic.

since then, i've acquired 3 similar varieties and even went a little overboard and wrote an antire article about shorts over at college magazine. check out the article for two easy looks i put together - and see some more of my favorite shorty options below:

1. these are the mint scallop shorts by lush i wore in this recent post - they're perfect for girly tops & accessories, and the material is so soft i almost feel like i'm wearing pajamas.
2. these blue silk shorts from topshop beg to be color-blocked with a bright shirt & flats - bonus points for anything neon.
3. the camel suede and edgy zippers on this topshop pair are both sophisticated and edgy - try pairing these with a simple feminine blouse. 
4. these urban outfitters shorts are the perfect floral bottoms - love them with a basic slouchy tee.
5. these boucle shorts from topshop remind me of a classic chanel jacket - but the leather trim makes them modern.
6. these punchy red j.crew shorts go with nearly every other color in your closet - and they look even better paired with graphic patterns.

II emily

July 10, 2011

sheer luck

i've recently fallen for the sheer trend. from floaty blouses to see-through cardigans, sheer pieces feel modern, romantic, and a little bit edgy.  the best part is how you can expose lots of skin through a thin veil of dreamy chiffon, but nothing about it seems at all racy or scandalous.  just a hint of sex appeal is perfect for these humid july nights! {i wrote extensively about the trend over at college magazine, complete with shopping tips & examples -- check it out here!}

and with perfect timing, liz styled her take on the trend yesterday when we grabbed a quick mexican lunch. she paired her topshop fish-net-y maxi dress  with a cream cotton slip to keep everything covered up -- but she still showed some leg and maintained a breezy, summery vibe. 

{ earthy accessories & mixed metals complete the look. // h&m sunglasses, target belt / (her right arm) h&m cuff / (her left arm) david yurman aquamarine cuff, stella & dot bracelet, urban outfitters leather wrap, david yurman ruby cuff, forever 21 bangle, ottoman hands for topshop bracelet }

II emily

July 9, 2011

mint condition

OUTFIT POST! it's been a while, i know... but things have changed now that the twins are both in the same country again! 

on an unassuming stroll through broadripple this afternoon, we scored these scalloped shorts and black-and-white top without even meaning to. isn't it funny how you find the best things when you don't even want to shop? my wallet thinks so too. both pieces are from the same boutique, and liz quickly put them together into one glorious outfit while we perused the racks. {props, liz.}  the minty bottoms may or may not be the fourth pair of silk high-waisted shorts in our closet.... but can you have too much of a good thing? no. no you can't.

*side note - yes, we are quite aware that the shorts are wrinkled... but i was too excited to put them on to even consider pulling out the old steamer.  call me crazy. 

{ better than a skirt! }

{ this jewelry adds just the right amount of edge. // pictured - michael kors watch / j.crew bracelet [similar one here] / david yurman cuff / target (!!!!) leather wrap [similar one here] / cameo ring purchased in sorrento, italy}

{ it's all in the details... like a bold black zipper and sunny yellow sandals }

II emily & liz

July 7, 2011

just right.

upon learning that my mother, noble-hearted as she is, had thrown out my favorite, ever-so-wedge-heeled cognac boots (pictured here) like last night's trash, i must admit that i was a little more than distraught. these boots had walked me through my senior hallway, around campus my freshman year, and onward throughout my college education... and now they're gone? i didn't even get to say goodbye!!! ...okay i'll stop now.

just as easily as those boots had left me (i honestly had worn them out appropriately), another pair strolled into my life. (my apologies for the pun. i concede it's pretty terrible.)  they were like a hotter, more toned version of my old standbys, and i had to have them. what made this newfound love even steamier was the fact that my dream boots were ON SALE.  in the anniversary sale at nordstrom, to be exact.  {it's going on right now. if you haven't been, you haven't lived.} 

with the same tiny wedge my loved-to-death boots had once flaunted, my new ones (by BP) have an upgrade i'm far too excited about: a zipper on the back that extends the entire length of the boot. equal parts form and function (they're unbelievably easy to get on your feet, which is something i've never before experienced with a boot, and the zipper offers some nicely-edited flair as well as truly magical leg-lengthening abilities!), these boots are--dare i say it?--perfection. did i mention you feel extra bossy walking down the halls of (fill in college building here) whilst rocking 
these bad boys? you will definitely draw some attention--must wear cute outfit!

walk on,