July 21, 2011

seriously... SERIOUSLY?!

okay, i apologize for the dramatic title. but as i perused the stella & dot website, i honestly was stunned by how beautifully awesome their newest items are.  ever since my aunt began selling their jewelry, i've relied on S&D (resist the urge to swap the "&" for the word "my" right there...) for reasonably priced, unique jewelry. a self-proclaimed jewelry addict (peep a now very out-of-date collection here), it takes a lot to excite me accessory-wise; but let me tell you, stella & dot has done it! they've done it, i say! 

by now i find it hard to believe that all my friends haven't caught on to the company's immortal genius, so i figured i better enlighten ye of obliviousness rather than keep these goodies to myself. here are the pieces that i just really, reallllllyyyyy! want:

{marchesa - the awesomest mix of chains, antique-looking crystals, and earthy turquoise beads. obsessed to an absolutely unhealthy level.}

{bamboleo - pink jade, more turquoise stones, antique chains AND crystals?! NOOOO. but yes.}
{btw, upon seeing this necklace i uttered aloud, "seriously?!" to my mother and em. hence the title for this post.}

{metropolitan mixed chains - love the chains and LOVE the flowers. i will never, ever retire my florals, despite my edgiest and most noble efforts.}
{renegade cluster - absolutely needed for future arm parties... i love this subtle take on the violent spike trend!}

P.S. if you're trying to get at any of the above bangin items (or anything else from stelladot.com, for that matter), let me know! you can order through my stylin' aunt!


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