July 29, 2011

falling forward

as you might imagine, i am suffering the same dreaded temptations to shop for the newest fall items as my rueful twin. i chalk it up to the fact that we share a wardrobe and are both a bit hopelessly sick of the warm-weather essentials for which we had once pined... it's a curse, isn't it? - we complain about the exquisite form of torture that only Indiana humidity could provide, but once the temperatures fall below 50, we kick ourselves for ever taking the warmth and sunshine for granted.  well, whatever.  i'm not in the mood to be mature and change my perspective on the world in the context of mother nature, sooo here's my fall wish-list! just a random sampling of items, really... eek. so much fun to be had! tights and boots and dolman sleeves, oh my!
p.s. just so you know, i WILL own this shearling coat. and i WILL wear it to class. i am way, way too obsessed with it. that and turband headbands.


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