July 7, 2011

just right.

upon learning that my mother, noble-hearted as she is, had thrown out my favorite, ever-so-wedge-heeled cognac boots (pictured here) like last night's trash, i must admit that i was a little more than distraught. these boots had walked me through my senior hallway, around campus my freshman year, and onward throughout my college education... and now they're gone? i didn't even get to say goodbye!!! ...okay i'll stop now.

just as easily as those boots had left me (i honestly had worn them out appropriately), another pair strolled into my life. (my apologies for the pun. i concede it's pretty terrible.)  they were like a hotter, more toned version of my old standbys, and i had to have them. what made this newfound love even steamier was the fact that my dream boots were ON SALE.  in the anniversary sale at nordstrom, to be exact.  {it's going on right now. if you haven't been, you haven't lived.} 

with the same tiny wedge my loved-to-death boots had once flaunted, my new ones (by BP) have an upgrade i'm far too excited about: a zipper on the back that extends the entire length of the boot. equal parts form and function (they're unbelievably easy to get on your feet, which is something i've never before experienced with a boot, and the zipper offers some nicely-edited flair as well as truly magical leg-lengthening abilities!), these boots are--dare i say it?--perfection. did i mention you feel extra bossy walking down the halls of (fill in college building here) whilst rocking 
these bad boys? you will definitely draw some attention--must wear cute outfit!

walk on,

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