July 20, 2011

a new spectrum

a few years ago, my best friend betsy and i decided we wanted to change up our boring brown hair.  enter:  one packet of grape kool-aid, a tea kettle, and 15 minutes of dunking our hair into boiling water.  

before you freak out and resolve to never trust my taste or judgment again, i'll assure you that no, we did not dye our entire heads purple! (we weren't that bored.) we just chose 1 strand - mine was behind my left ear so i could conceal it if need be.  the result wasn't a shocking purple (since we didn't bleach the hair first); instead, we had a noticeably bright pop of color that we could choose to hide under the rest of our hair or expose in a messy ponytail.

after re-dying the purple strand several times, i eventually got lazy and let it grow out. (that kool-aid is permanent, contrary to popular belief!) similarly, the thought of putting color back in my hair hadn't crossed my mind for over a year -- until now.  i recently spotted the images below and was intrigued by what seemed to be the next step for the ombré hair trend (which you know i'm a huge fan of). while the rainbow tips at first seem a bit shocking, i really just can't get over how downright pretty they are; pretty in a refreshingly different way.  i can assure you that if i was blonde i would have already painted my hair with pastels like aqua and pink - it works so well for pale blonde hair! sadly i don't think this trend  would work quite as well on brunettes like me... what do you think? 

color on!
II emily

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  1. wait....i want tye dye hair!!!!!!!!!! love love love this post!!!