August 2, 2010

welcome to the jungle

i credit j.crew as being insanely fashion-forward, relatively affordable, effortlessly chic, and incredibly wearable. i love this fall's collection to death, despite the sticker shock i felt when looking at one particularly fabulous skirt online (see here - feel my pain?)

yet my loyalties remain true. when photos of safari jackets bathed every. single. magazine in army green, i thought to myself "aha! j.crew wins once again." because what was my most coveted piece from their fall 2009 collection last year?! none other than a green safari jacket.

to my dismay, i didn't buy the jacket as it didn't fit me right at all - way too boxy for my flat-chested frame (sigh). but now they have multiple styles to choose from, all of which are around $100. for something i can see myself wearing every single day, rain or shine, it's totally worth it.


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