August 15, 2010

bargain hunting {for lazy girls}

i always say there's nothing like a good bargain. as a seasoned bargain hunter, i love that rush of adrenaline i get when digging through the sale room at anthropologie or dismantling every rack at affordable stores like forever 21 - the weight of my barely-emptied wallet is quite comparable to nirvana!

a few months ago, in an inadvertent attempt to transform me into an even crazier bargain-hunting freak, one of my friends showed me the website i now check it every day.

okay... several times a day.

you'll understand when you join. it's an online store that holds daily sales for big name designers, and by sale i really mean give-away. sometimes you can get stuff for up to 60% off! and the website sends out an e-mail reminder every day as if to say we know you haven't succumbed to your shopping addiction yet today...

i've placed several orders on things like patterned minkpink tanks, bright oversized shirts from wildfox, and mineral-washed tees from romeo & juliet coutoure. shipping takes a little bit longer than most websites (because haute look has to import the clothes to their warehouse), but it's totally worth the wait. this week's menu includes c&c california, paige premium denim jeans, and even penguin for men (so you can get something for your main squeeze while you're at it!) all you have to do is sign up with your e-mail and get shopping.

$$$ save on!

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