August 12, 2010


on days like these when the temperature averages in the mid-90s and all hope of a good hair day is completely lost, i become positively giddy at the idea of fall being just around the corner. the latest urban outfitters catalogue is partially to blame for my excitement, and i've been scanning their website like an addict trying to decide what essentials are needed for my cold-weather look.

i came across several little booties and decided i have to get a pair. or two. it's a very, very weird thing for me to say. you see, i've never been a booties fan - i always thought they looked weird on my feet and have always preferred tall leather boots. and i also have a soft spot for uggs (sorry i'm not sorry) - nothing is better when you're trudging through a snow drift and are dangerously close to slipping on your bum, desperately thinking i'm just trying to be a good student and go to class...

this year i feel different about booties though. maybe i've changed, maybe the silhouettes have improved. but i'm excitedly thinking about these tiny, adorable little shoes with tights and shorts, or skinny jeans rolled at the ankle, maybe with patterned socks, or with little wool skirts and baggy sweaters, and possibly wearing my oversize ray-ban eyeglasses just because they would be so perfect....
there really are endless possibilities!

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