December 10, 2010

wishful thinking

~ Holiday Wish List 2010 ~

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i know everyone gets excited about the holidays, but i think i personally take the cake. i can't even guess how much hot chocolate and peppermint bark i consume "just because it feels festive," christmas lights and ornaments bring me a ridiculous amount of yuletide joy, and i power through my workouts with cheesy holiday music blaring in my ears.

most importantly, several long hours are annually spent making a huge wish list for my wary parents and sister. (i make gift lists for all my friends and family too, ok?!) but what can i say? this holiday was made for shoppers! this year, however, i'm trying to keep my wish list relatively short and only put things on there that i really love and that will mean something to me; i've found that this is the best strategy to a great wardrobe. instead of amassing tons of pieces i like and can wear with a few other pieces, i want a closet stuffed with things i can't live without -- getting dressed and looking put together would be undeniably easier.
at the top of my list? an ultra-embellished belt, glittery nail polish, luxe fur earmuffs, a slouchy sequin bed jacket, spotted kicks, a cozy wrap sweater and super-textured pieces like a velvet top, marled loop scarf and a rope-and-bead necklace.

happy wishing!
II emily

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