December 24, 2010

on the bright side...

robert byrne once said, "Winter is nature's way of saying, 'Up yours.'" eloquent as that statement is... i can't help but agree; and with the fun and exciting parts of winter (the first snow, holiday cheer, and the like) drawing to an end, i'm simply dreading the next two months. february in particular has always been one of my least favorite times of the year. i mean, not only will winter simply not go away, but there's that whole valentine's day thing... what could be more torturous? 

this dilemma may be best remedied, i believe, through the unabashed, hell-if-i-care donning of bright, perhaps "summery" colors whenever and wherever possible!  think brilliant turquoise flats, a melon-colored cardigan, or a new take on fair aisle.  much like dior showcased in their spring 2011 runway shows, the season's favorite jewel tones can be livened up with pops of neon and electric hues, pulled together with bright poppy lips...

as someone who already owns lots of colorful wardrobe items, dior's poppy lips are the perfect way to incorporate new brights into my winter wardrobe.  gone are the days when a hot-pink nail polish satisfied my color cravings! instead, this awesome lipstick by Revlon (purchased by emily forever ago and recently found at the bottom of our makeup drawer) is superbly fresh and daring!  and to my surprise, it's also insanely flattering; i like to wear it with a simple, sort of vintage eye--nude shadow with black liquid gel liner, winged at the edges, and lots of black mascara.  who ever said the runway can't translate to real life? (ps: watch the show here to see these ideas come to life)


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