October 7, 2011

kelly wearstler RTW

unless you live under a rock, you've probably either seen or heard about the creative mastermind that is kelly wearstler. if not, head over to her amazing blog, my vibe my life, and prepare to be inspired.

however, right now it's time to take note of wearstler's brand spanking new ready-to-wear line.  a true artist and creative spirit, it's no wonder kelly has always had an affinity towards fashion - and with the introduction of her artistic line, our efforts to imitate her style will be a little less painstaking.  i mean, how many different ways do you think you could style that striped tank?? i'm thinking around... 200... and that gold coil ring is right up my alley. ditto the velvet orange dress.
 but it gets better. the impeccable line also includes art and home goods, like brass sculpted legs, gold sunbursts, and square marble dishes.  the pieces seem odd and impractical at first... and then you wonder how you could ever live without them. #need

{ all items via kellywearstler.com }

II emily

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